Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday's Threads

I haven't seen the sun in a really long time. REALLY LONG. It's been raining since the dawn of time here in New England. Finally today, the rain has stopped. Well kind of. It's snowing instead.
Sheesh. The sun has to come out someday. Sadly, I don't think Annie is right about it coming out tomorrow. From what I hear, we MIGHT see it Saturday. Maybe. For a minute.
But anyway, that's not why you're here! Wanna see today's outfit? Ok, here ya go:

Let's start at the bottom today!
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
I picked my outfit out last night and thus was unaware there would be snow to contend with. The weatherman said flurries! I need to stop listening to him. So while these weren't the best choice for the weather, they're still adorable. Metallic pink anything makes me super happy. SUPER HAPPY! These shoes aren't leather, but they're a very soft and acceptable faux version. Bonus that the snow won't ruin them.

Pants: Almost Famous
You've seen these before, so we won't harp on them. Black jeans, gold zippers... what else do you need?!

Top: Ralph Lauren Polo
I'm a sucker for that little polo pony. I especially love this guy since he's so detailed. And you know, the sweater is pink. Must have!

Left hand:
Both bracelets are from Zulilly. I'm not actually sure of the brand on either, but I think they're adorable. Especially the horse one. It reminds me of the super expensive Hermes bangles, but you know for like 1/16 the price. It's hard to see in the photo, but the bow bangle is covered in pink rhinestones and glitter. Oh look, SHINY!

Right hand:
Clearly pink and sparkly is the theme today, in case you hadn't figured that out yet ;). The teeny tiny rhinestone bracelets are from Julep, the slightly larger one is from Express (it was part of a multi color set) and the last one is from Baublebar.

Bag: Charmes
You know what's tough? Trying to get a decent photo of metallic leather in fluorescent work lighting. This bag is also from Zulilly, and it's full of amazing shininess. When I was a kid I had a metallic pink backpack, very similar to this. Only back then it was faux leather. I believe in the 80's that was called Pleather. Either way, this is the grown up version in genuine leather. It has a matching wallet too. It's soft and floppy, and I love it so much!
I'm impressed by how well the shoes match given that they are made from different materials. But seriously, you can't get much closer than this:
What's your opinion on shiny things? Do you ever buy things because they remind you of your childhood? Does that make me stuck in the past? Probably. I'm ok with it though!


  1. Ah geez I am such a pink lover, I LOVE those bracelets and those shoes... you just look so cute!

    I don't remember the last time we saw sun here in WV either, it's been so cloudy for weeks.

    1. I <3 pink too! Thank you :)
      The sun actually peaked out for about 11 seconds yesterday. I swear I saw it! It's gone now though...