Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

It's the Tuesday before Christmas, and you know what that means? I've been attending holiday parties! Today's first confession is that I become an utter slob when trying to get ready to go out somewhere fancy... We'll use Saturday as my example.
Saturday, thankfully, I had a barn helper to take care of the horses in the morning. I had a cookie swap party locally at 2:00 and a dinner party at 6:30 an hour away. That meant time was tight between the two parties to feed and tend to all of the animals and get attired in the appropriate clothing. I planned my outfits ahead of time and hung them in the bathroom:

casual for the cookie party on the left, slightly more dressy for the dinner party on the right
I decided at the last minute to send off an email to my dinner party hostess to make sure I was properly outfitted. While at the cookie party, I found out my clothing plan for dinner might not be fancy enough. Yikes.
Upon arriving home, I tried on every non-summery dress I could find in the closet.... Not too many fit. (Someone needs a diet.) And soon my bathroom looked like this:

But worse than the pile of dresses, was the pile of jewelry and make up on the counter:

Yeah.... Getting pretty comes with a consequence- A Dirty Bathroom! (PS don't you love my hideous wallpaper?)
Thankfully I found a cute dress, some crazy shoes, and got my face put on. Not 100% on time, but close enough. Here are the results:

obligatory bathroom selfie (pardon the crows feet)

My cute little dress from Modcloth

These crazy shoes from Poetic License got a lot of compliments!

So can you guess what confession number two is? Yep. Cookies. I went to a cookie swap on Friday evening too. Friday's party left me with a bucket full of cookies. And Saturday's... well it left me with a bag full! In the photo below you'll see the roomful of cookies, we each took one of each package. 30 total cookie packages each! I LIVE ALONE! Running consistently starts ASAP after Xmas.

Friday's bucket, I used my hand to show scale

inside the bucket

Saturday's spoils.
Phew. Anything you feel you need to talk about this holiday season? Share below in the comments! I can't be the only messy cookie monster out there!


  1. How adorable are you! Love that dress!

    I am messy when it comes to putting laundry away. I just can't deal with it, so I will stack piles of clothes on the couch in our bedroom. And they will stay there until I can't handle THAT, and finally make an effort to put things away.

    Those cookies look delicious!

    1. Thank you! Not bad for last minute!

      I do that too with laundry, only I stack mine on the dryer. It's all neatly folded. I'm not sure what's so difficult about getting it from there to the drawers?

      The cookies are amazing. I must have gained 50 lbs since Friday!