Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Thursday everyone! Almost the weekend... almost. It's chilly here in CT today, and I'm almost wishing I wore long sleeves... But I didn't. Here's what I DID wear though:

How crazy are those pants?! I love them. But we'll get to those in a second. Let's start with SHOES!
Shoes: Old Navy

I got these at the end of the season last year and never had a chance to wear them until today! They're woven straw, and surprisingly SUPER comfortable. Who knew?

Ok now we can take a look at the pants:
Pants: Rue 21

These ombre pants were super trendy last year, and maybe not so much this year. But as you know, I'm an amateur fashion blogger, and therefore wear whatever I want! Plus, I just dug these out of the back of the closet this weekend. I have a pink pair and a pair that's sky blue and mint too... You may see those in the future!

Belt: C.Wonder
Buckle: Vintage Gucci (thanks ebay!)

This is the same belt that you've seen before, it's navy on the other side, and usually sports my "s" buckle, but the mint color on that buckle didn't go that well with my pants today. So I added this fantastic Gucci buckle instead.

Top: Juicy

I love this polo with it's puffy sleeves! It's nice and long so you can tuck it in if you wish. I don't wear it very often as I'm not allowed to wear white generally. (I spill a lot...)

Arm Party!

I kept it relatively tame on the arms today. Lefty has the usual watch and also my white "S" bangle from BaubleBar. Righty has my horseshoe bracelet from Ettika, a gold with green rhinestone bangle that I can't remember who makes (it's stretchy, such a neat piece!), and lastly a fairly new acquisition from Ebay, my snakeskin Gucci bangle. (I really do want all the Gucci!) That last bangle is vintage from the 70's, but in great shape! Hopefully I won't break it too soon.

So that's my outfit today. What are you wearing? Do you have a favorite item from today? Talk to me in the comments!

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