Monday, August 4, 2014

Mmmm coffee...

Seriously, I'm not sure I'd have made it to work today if not for coffee. These jam packed weekends are killer! But totally worth every sleepless second. TOTALLY.
Friday evening was spent as most Friday's are: with the ponies and the pugs. Nothing to complain about there! Here are some pics of them being adorable:

I tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour, so I would be well rested for the Outrun38 5K on Saturday. You can read more about that here. I had a great time at the race, despite the rain. I even managed to finish under 30 minutes, which is pretty impressive given my current unfit state.

After the race, I headed over to visit and ride Ducky at the trainer's. Or as I like to call it, Cowboy Camp. I got him all tacked up with my English saddle, hopped on, and low and behold he walked around the ring like a normal horse! And then I asked him to move into the trot. And he stopped and wouldn't move. <<sigh>> The trainer told me to kick him with my spur so I complied. And he stood there. Sheesh. I'm actually glad he finally did that though, as he hasn't thought about it with the trainer. So we switched him to western tack, and the trainer worked him for a bit. I got back on (in the western tack) and he still wouldn't go! Brat! So trainer gets back on and works him longer. Then I get back on (with western spurs, I need to get a pair of those!) and he finally worked for me! Woohoo! Baby steps. So the trainer will be away, but I will go back in a couple weeks and try again. Hopefully we'll fix that issue, which clearly is personal between us... Oh Ducky! (Sorry I didn't take any photos this time!)

After the extended working of the Duck, I had two errands to run, and then headed home to ride Jampy and get him all ready for the horse show on Sunday. This meant trimming his ears and whiskers and giving him a tubby! Then cleaning tack and packing the trailer. Plus of course spending some quality time with Rio.

It was almost 7 by the time I was done in the barn. Busy day! But I was happy to not have any plans other than eating some dinner and hanging with the pugs. Ahhhh relaxing.

Sunday morning arrived quickly as horse show mornings often do. I got Jampy all cleaned and wrapped, and headed to the horse show. He was pretty perfect as seems his norm this year. What a good pony! The flat class went smoothly, though he is a little easier to the left than the right. We won that class out of 4 people. My first fence class went really nicely, all of the jumps came right up out stride, and we were first out of 6 riders. The second one had a few issues. He got his eye on a jump we were passing by, and when I asked him to look away he swapped his lead behind on me. This is called cross cantering and is considered a major flaw. Oops. The next jump worked out nicely though at least! Later in the course, I let him get a little heavy and he swapped only half his lead at first, then caught up. This is called a late change, and is also a major flaw. Two big booboos in one class! BIG OOPS. So we finished that one in 5th place. We still wound up with the most points though, and were champion! Yay Jampy!

We hit a bit of traffic on the ride home. In the summertime, driving on 95 south between Rhode Island and New York City is generally a nightmare. So what does the state of CT do? CONSTRUCTION! They brought the highway down to one lane. Ugh.

Thankfully, once past the road work, it opened right up and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way home. None-the-less, the 30 minute drive took close to an hour.

Once home, I cleaned and unpacked the truck and trailer, turned it around, and unhooked them. Next, I went inside to hang out with the pugs, have a little lunch, and get changed. I owed Rio some TLC, so he had an extra long grooming session, followed by snack time in the yard:

Of course, some of that was me procrastinating. My final Sunday task was to body clip Jamp.

I really REALLY didn't want to do it. It takes me about 3 hours, and once finished I'm usually good for an allergy attack and hair in places it doesn't belong. Not to mention having a rather annoyed equine on my hands, who may or may not look like a matchbox car race track. I was pretty happy to get that over with though! He thankfully does not look like a racetrack (I don't think, will verify that tonight) and appears to be quite shiny without the excess hair! All ready for finals in two weeks!

I'm going to be honest with you all, I was EXHAUSTED by the time I finished clipping. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out on the floor with the pugs watching Full House reruns. And devouring a cheeseburger and fries that I had delivered. Yes, DELIVERED. I was that tired. "Someone bring me fooooood!"

How was your weekend? Did you attend any sporting events? Have some quality time with the four leggeds? Or maybe some two leggeds?

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