Monday, August 11, 2014

A weekend at home

I had one of those weekends with very few things on the calendar. Ahhhh so nice! I had been looking forward all week to getting some things done around the house, and having some FREE TIME! And maybe even getting some sleep!
Friday evening I spent with the ponies as per the norm. After pony time, the pugs and I hung around and watched some tv. I realize I should be a mature adult, but I LOVE the show Pretty Little Liars, and I had missed this week's episode. I'm not sure if the pugs really are as into it as I am, but they do like bully sticks. So they enjoyed that guilty pleasure while I watched PLL.

I was up bright and early on Saturday to feed the horses and try to get as much done as humanly possible so I could have some free time on Sunday. So the day went like this:

Barn Chores and Pony play time:

Riding and grazing the Jamposaurus Rex:

Lunging and grazing the Riomeister:

A quick visit to the Duck to drop off some more feed. Sorry I didn't take any photos. But he actually seemed happy to see me! Or maybe it was just the food I was carrying... Hard to say for sure.

At this point it was 4 PM. I had wanted to drive up to a tack store that was having a sale, but I wasn't sure I'd really have enough time as I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner. So I texted my friend to see what time we were meeting, but unfortunately she had to cancel. Now it was close to 5 and I knew I wouldn't have enough time to go shopping anyway. Probably for the best, I really don't need anything for the horses. Instead, I called in a take out order... Lobster roll, fried zucchini, and french fries. MMMMmmmmm. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening! Not bad at all. For some inexplicable reason, I was EXHAUSTED. The pugs and I decided to enjoy a relaxing evening much like Friday night.
we know how to party.

Next thing I knew, it was Sunday morning! My day of sloth had arrived! I realized however, my idea of a day off and most people's probably aren't the same. I had a 6 mile run at 8:30, a trip to the farmer's market, laundry, and minimal pony time on the schedule...

My weekend barn helper had Saturday off, but was able to do barn chores for me on Sunday. This was great because I had planned to meet my friend for a 6 mile run near her house in Killingworth at 8:30am. Killingworth is hilly my friends. Very hilly. Six miles really isn't very far if you're a distance runner. But it was my first long run since March. And I have to tell you, conditions weren't ideal! It was already getting quite warm by 8:30. And did I mention the hills? There were lots of them. Long ones, short ones, steep ones, and low ones. I'll be honest, we walked a lot. A LOT. but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I was underfueled, and probably should have carried some water with me. Live and learn. But we managed to get it done! Yay us! We averaged 11:30 miles, which honestly is TERRIBLE for me, but considering how much we walked, it was actually pretty impressive. I'm hoping to dig a little deeper and feel a little more accomplished with my short runs this week. I believe that will help me with next weekends 7 miler. Time will tell.

After my run, I got really brave and put on a pair of shorts (I don't wear shorts. EVER.) and headed over to the farmer's market. I got my usual embarrassing amount of cheese and bread, and a few veggies... And maybe a couple cupcakes. And get this, the friendly girl selling the cupcakes COMPLIMENTED MY SHORTS! I realize it has nothing to do with how I looked in them. But when you're not a shorts wearer, anything nice someone has to say is pretty awesome to hear. Thank you cupcake lady for making my day!

I can't tell you how excited I was to get home. The laziness was about to begin! I stopped in at the barn to feed the horses lunch and fill their waters. And also to open their back doors so they could have a choice of being inside or out. I put the hose in the pool which was a little low on water (we really haven't had much rain this summer), and turned on the pool heater. Next I put away my bounty from the market, made some lemonade, and started the laundry. And THEN.... POOL TIME! Since the water was pretty cold, I decided to lounge around poolside for awhile with a copy of Cosmo, lemonade, and the pugs (of course). Once the water was more temperate, and I was hot from baking in the sun, I pulled out my favorite pool float and napped on the water. It was divine.

Not wanting to be a red hot chili pepper, pool time ended around 3:30, and I finished up the laundry. I also dug out the summer pants I never bothered to look for this year. Hey, there's still a month left to wear them! Give or take. The ones that fit anyway. Then it was time to clean up in the barn and feed the equine. The rest of the day was just as slothlike as Saturday night. And Friday night... I was even in bed by 10:30. It is nice to be well rested once in awhile!

How was your weekend? Did you have big plans? Enjoy some down time? Get a run in? Tell me about your weekend in the comments!


  1. I have only just started wearing shorts this year, so I get where you are coming from! I'm sure you looked great in yours!

    We had a kind of down weekend as well. Lots of DIY projects and some errands, but nothing actually on the calendar. I don't love the feeling of not having something to do, but Mr PugRunner and little man appreciated it.

    So did the pugs. Speaking of which, yours are the perfect little loaves! Love them!

    1. I hope you post some before and after photos of your projects!
      I agree, I don't like having nothing to do all the time. But every now and then it's soooo nice! Especially when the weather cooperates!
      Thanks for your sweet words about my short four-leggeds! They're the best dogs! I'm sure you agree, life is better with pugs :)