Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Barkbox AND A Horse Box ON THE SAME DAY?!

Monday afternoon was like four legged Christmas at my house! I came home from work to find both Barkbox AND A Horse Box waiting on the doorstep. I know I should review them separately, but I'm going to do them together.
A Horse Box- August Edition

First Look
 Aspire Hoof Spray:

I'll admit, I had to read the label to figure out what this was for. I have never seen a hoof spray that's for conditioning the outside of the hoof. Normally the sprays are a medication for the underpart of the foot. But this one is meant to be sprayed on the outside to condition hooves and keep them healthy. I'm interested in trying this one out! Seems much easier and less messy than the more typical hoof creams we use.

Absorbine Herbal Liniment:

I haven't been able to use liniments in the recent past because Rio is really sensitive. I mostly just use alcohol on his legs if he needs something, though he does do ok with the Vetrolin. This one is herbal though, and might be something he could use! I'll probably try it on Jamp since he's the one who works hard and could use a liniment from time to time. Plus he's not as sensitive.

Century Riding Cream:

Ha! I've never seen this for riders before! It's like anti-chaffing cream that runners use, but marketed for riders. I can't say I've been in a position to need this when riding, but I could see where some might want to give it a try!

Delytes Horse Treats:
 The horses and I are always excited to try new snacks! I wish they'd given a bigger sample, but regardless, we're excited to give these a try!

Cavalor Mash & Mix:

I'm always looking for some new ideas for a special treat for the boys, so I was happy to see this in the box. Rather than a normal feed sample, which doesn't really excite me, this is meant to be made into a mash (that's just when you mix hot water with the feed to make an easy to digest meal, much like a hot cereal). We often will feed a warm bran mash at the end of the week as a treat for the horses. They love it, and somehow always get it all over their faces. Just like when you give a little kid ice cream. ADORABLE!

So that's it for A Horse Box this month. It you'd like to give a try, visit them here and sign up (that's not a referral link, I don't think they have a referral program yet)! It goes as low as $17.00 a month if you choose to subscribe for 6 months. It's not really the kind of sub that gives you a huge financial deal (though last month was pretty good with the expensive supplement in it), but it is interesting to see and hear from new brands. I'm a fan!

Barkbox- August Edition (small dog):

First Look
 Lobster Toy!

No really, how cute is this?! And it floats if you have a dog that likes to swim. It squeaks too! Artie claimed this one right away.

Venison Jerky Treat:

P can't eat this one, but Artie loves it! They're crunchy so not really jerky like, but they smell like jerky.

Bixbi Salmon Jerky Treats:

I was so excited to see this in the Barkbox!!! Salmon is the one thing I'm certain P isn't allergic to. So to see these in the box was amazing! They're much like the venison in that they're not actually soft like Jerky, but she likes them, so who cares! Worked out perfectly to have a treat for each pup in the box!

Muddy Buddy Dog Mop:

This is a microfiber towel that's supposed to be super absorbent for drying your pup post swim or tubby. I haven't tried this one yet, but I have a bath sponge for the horses made out of the same thing, so what I DO know, is that's its super soft and the animals don't mind it rubbing on them. Sorry the photo is so dark, it's a pretty navy blue color which is tough to photograph in the evening.

Another great Barkbox this month! Way to go with the salmon treats Barkbox, P is super grateful! If you'd like to give a try, head over here and sign up (that IS a referral link, so if you sign up, my kiddos get a free box. They would really love you for it.)!

I think all of my four legged kids were excited about their subs this month! Do you get any subscriptions for your pets? Or you? Or your kids? What's your favorite?

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