Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

If you follow me on social media, you already know this week's confession. So I'm just gonna show you:

LIME GREEN BREECHES! I saw these at the Ralph Lauren/Polo outlet months ago and at first I laughed at them. I pretty much always laugh when the fashion houses try to get people to dress like riders. It's silly, we don't walk around wearing football uniforms, why would people walk around in riding clothes if they're NOT RIDING?! But I digress...
Once I recovered from my internal laughter, I realized with mild shame that I HAD TO HAVE THE LIME GREEN BREECHES. But not for $120.00. Definitely no. So I left the limey goodness in the store and hoped that the rest of society agrees that riding attire should only be for riding.
A few weeks later I stopped back in to see if the breeches were still there and if so, had they gotten cheaper yet. They were there in all their glory! (In fact, I don't think they'd sold a single one!) They were also marked down, but still at $90.00. No can do self. Still too much money for lime green breeches. <<Sigh>>
Soooooo.... when my plans were canceled last Saturday and I was trying to decide what I wanted for dinner, I thought, hey! Maybe those pants are marked down more! So I headed over to Polo to check it out. I got a little worried when I saw the same breeches (but in different colors) hanging back up in the front of the store (read: not on sale.) But I was soon reassured when I found them on the clearance rack MARKED DOWN to 44.90. YES! On top of that, the sales lady gave me a coupon for an additional 20% off. WIN! And you'll never guess what was right next to my lime green riding pants on the rack... ELECTRIC BLUE ONES! For the same price! To top if off, they had 1 pair left in each color in my size. My lucky day!
So my friends, I'm confessing not only to owning lime green breeches, but also electric blues ones.
Here are the lime ones at work:
Do you have any shopping confessions you'd like to get off your back? Anything else you need to admit? Share them in the comments!

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