Thursday, August 7, 2014

My first Influenster box from Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™!

Awhile back I signed up for Influenster but didn't really think I'd ever qualify to try anything out... Well low and behold, I was chosen to try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish. The polish was complimentary in exchange for my testing it out and sharing my thoughts with all my favorite readers! (I apologize in advance for my dark photos, I'm having some lighting issues in the living room..)
So without further ado... Let's take a look!

I was a little not that excited to get a bright red polish, but when you get something free to try, you don't whine about the color! Plus it's called Redgy so that makes it more fun. (Get it? Red + Edgy= Redgy!) Anyway, here's the deal with this polish and why it's different and better than normal polish: Much like a gel manicure, it's supposed to last up to 14 days. The difference is, you don't need to sit under a light to cure it, and you're supposed to be able to remove it like normal polish. Those of you unfamiliar with gel manicures... they are TERRIBLE to remove! I just did this mani quick tonight, so I can't comment just yet on durability or the removal process, but check back in a week or two and I'll let you know!

This is a two step process. Step 1: apply two coats of the colored polish. Step 2: apply topcoat.  Sounds simple right?! I gotta tell you... it's that simple! Let's go through it step by step:

I was really happy when I opened the bottle to find this brush inside. It's wide and flat with a curved bottom. This shape makes it super easy to paint your nails both neatly and quickly. I managed to keep the majority of the polish on my nails and off my cuticles. WIN!
Here's the first coat:

As you can see, the polish covered quite well with one coat! I almost didn't do the second one, but figured it I'm reviewing a product, I really ought to follow the instructions. Also, it's dark in here and there might be lines I can't see. So here's the second coat:

I was impressed with how smoothly the color went on. I really didn't see lines or brush marks. Dry time was reasonable. I didn't pay close attention to how long I waited between coats, but it wasn't too long. I think I should have given it a few more minutes before applying the top coat though, as some of the color came off on the brush:

Oops. Thankfully it didn't mess up my paint job. The top coat dried quickly. Here's the finished product:

I apologize for the semi-terrible mani job. I'm not a professional polish junky, just an amateur! So far I'm impressed with this Miracle Gel Polish system, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how durable it is. I'm sure I'll give it a good test with the horses!

If you'd like to try out Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish, it's available at most drug stores and Walmart. If you try it, let me know how you like it!

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