Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday's Threads: The one with the recent repeat

Outfit day! I have a classy (ish) riding outfit and a REPEAT work outfit... kinda. It's more of an improved variation on something you've seen before... Let's start there today.

So, the sweater you saw just a few weeks ago, but I wasn't really happy with what I put together that day, so I had to try again. Maybe it's too soon... but it's my blog and I can do what I want.

Sweater: John + Jenn
I almost paired this with some awesome acid wash jeans but I thought maybe that would be taking it a little too far back to 1986. Expect to see those pants soon though. Also, I don't care what anyone thinks or says, neon will always be in my wardrobe.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is one of favorite Mane Jane straps, but it doesn't really go with a lot, so it doesn't get a ton of wear time. Kinda perfect with this sweater though!

Jeans: Kut from the Kloth
It's a challenge finding jeans in my closet that aren't ankle length. I had sorted them at one point, but they've since jumbled themselves back up again. Fortunately, these are full length and work great for this outfit.

Sneakers: KangaRoos
These are the shoes I was thinking of for this sweater the last time, but I didn't remember them when I got dressed that day. I've been organizing the shoe hoard in my house, and was SUPER excited when I dug these up. Most of you are probably too young to remember KangaRoos, but they were super popular when I was a little girl. All the cool kids had them. And what made them different from other sneakers was that they had pockets! They started making them again a couple of years ago, complete with pockets! That flap that says ROOS is where the pocket is. These pockets velcro but back in the 80's they had zippers. I think the remakes have both, depending on model, but I'm not positive on that. Anyway, I love them. The color is a little off in this photo, but they actually match the sweater PERFECTLY!

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing these fun stretch bracelets along with the trusty watch.

Righty went full neon today! First up is a bangle bracelet from Rustic Cuff, followed by that inital bracelet that's either from Fornash or C Wonder... I can't remember which. I got it second hand on Poshmark though. And last is my Fitbit in a fun neon pink band.

So that's my repeat sweater outfit, but I think it worked out much better this time around. I mean... the shoes, right?! Anyway, I have a really cute and mostly classy riding outfit to share too.

There's some fancy stitch... you just can't see it here.

Helmet: One K
I ALMOST brought my navy helmet, but I was lazy. So old faithful it is!

Sweatshirt: Horseplay Apparel
This cute fancy stitch top popped up on my Instagram feed one night when I should have been sleeping, but instead was scrolling through social. Total impulse buy, but it's super cute. The hood and the sleeve cuffs are lined with that gray and white striped fabric. Plus it has thumb holes!

Belt: Rebecca Ray

Made the most sense to pair this top with my navy, fancy stitched belt, right? I love this belt, and I wish I had also gotten it in black to show with. If anyone sees one in their travels, let me know, as it's been discontinued.

Breeches: RJ Classics
These get a fair amount of wear time. They are incredibly unflattering in that you can see all the lumps and bumps. Ew. But they're also super comfortable and sometimes that wins over looking nice. I like the color a lot too.

Boots: De Niro
As I mentioned last week, I swapped these navy boots out with the black ones I've been wearing to test the longevity on these zippers. We'll see how they do with daily wear! Hopefully they hold up just fine.

So that's it for today. Any favorites? Thoughts on neon? And fancy stitching?


  1. Replies
    1. They could light up a dark room, that's for sure.

  2. I only own two pairs of jeans and like 6 pairs of pants total, so I am always so impressed that you put so much thought into these!

    1. Some days I kinda wish that was what I owned. The laundry situation at my house is out of control... Lol!

  3. Neon does not get enough credit, imho. lol I have a neon orange saddle pad and helmet cover, that I used to use in the fall. (safety first!) and I have an orange technical shirt that I would wear with the other two items in lessons. My instructor commented that she could see me from the road! lol

  4. That belt strap is everything. I'll take it and the sweater, please. :)

  5. i like the last hoodie!! my riding outfits lately have been kinda whack bc i'm super behind on laundry.... whoops!

    1. Ugh, I feel that. I have plenty of stuff that matches still, but the laundry pile is enormous. Mt Laundry forever. Ugh.