Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Despite an almost total lack of media save for a couple between the ears shots, I actually did have a busy and fun weekend. Apparently, I need to remember to take more photos. Anyway, let's look back.

So unfortunately, Wednesday when I rode Eros he was noticeably off trotting. Especially tracking right. I was hoping it was stiffness and tried to see if a little light canter would ease it, but alas. It was still there. So the rest of the week we tack walked. My vet actually happened to call me on Thursday to talk about Pammon (more in a minute) and so I let him know about Eros. (And also picked his brain a little about Shiny.) Fortunately, he's able to come out this Friday to see Eros, so I'm postponing my panic for the moment. I trotted Eros a little last night to see if the rest had helped at all. He was maybe slightly better than last week, but still definitely nqr. Hopefully it's nothing major. Fingers crossed!
Nice view though. I started pulling his mane this weekend. Hoping to finish this coming one.
So that's what's up with Eros this week. On to Pammon! When my vet called with an update a month ago, we had seen HUGE improvements in the ligament. This month however, the gains were much less significant. This isn't bad news. And there WERE gains. Just not as big as the month prior. So we chatted about what's best for him at this point, and we decided he will stay with the vet for at least another month or so. While there, we will see how he responds to some laser treatments. Hopefully that will help get things healing more quickly again. Time will tell. Cross some other fingers for him too please!

Which leads us to Shiny's update for the week. As of Saturday, she's been back under saddle for a full week! We're still using a little bit of ace just to be safe (there is some sass in there!). I was kind of winging her rehab since this is kind of a weird case. She didn't actually hurt any soft tissue, but we also don't know how that coffin bone with its bone loss will feel for her. So baby steps (pretty literally). I had decided on five or so minutes of walking when we start followed by ten of trot, and then five or ten more minutes of walking. I asked doc what he thought and he said that was a good plan. I can build a little each week, and eventually add the canter back in. She has had some heat in that foot, and the leg still stocks up some. Both of which I mentioned to doc. He said that's all pretty normal. There is still healing going on in the foot, and also that bone loss could lead to some heat. So I just need to monitor for now. As long as she's moving evenly and seems comfortable we continue on. I'll have him come out and see her once we're a little further along in our rehab.
This mane though... Now that will be a project.
I was expecting to just have my kids to ride this weekend, but one of the amateurs at the boarding barn offered me a lesson on her horse. I'm not the type to say no to that, so I hopped right on! (He was tacked and everything!) I had a super fun lesson. He's an older horse, and only jumps 2'6" these days, which is just fine with me! He was a lot of fun. Point and shoot type, but does take a TON of leg. I was pretty exhausted by the end. And Sunday my ass and thighs were SORE. It was great to get to ride something extra, especially a confidence builder like that! I wish I had gotten some video or photos. Sorry guys.

That's all the tall kids reports. On to the dogs... Artie is great! He's always great. Poor P though, she had a UTI this weekend. Which sorry, but is also kind of a drag for her human. I noticed on Thursday evening that this was probably happening after I came home to pee on the floor. And then Artie sticking his nose all up in P's business. (Seriously, he's like a UTI sniffing dog, he always knows!) So I called the vet first thing Friday and they said to just bring a sample in. Fortunately, my vet was working that Saturday, and she said given the looks of the sample and P's history, we could start her on the antibiotics right away while we wait for the culture. So we did, and then the results seemed to follow our suspicions. She's definitely on the mend now. Thank goodness. Because Friday she peed on my carpet twice (I literally have ONE rug in the house, and she insisted on using it for a port-o-john), my bedroom floor once, and the dining room for good measure. I mean I get it girl, but just tell me you need to go out! Sheesh. Exciting Saturday for us.

Sunday I actually had social things to do. I know! Shocking. So I was at the barn early to walk/trot Shiny and tack walk Eros. They were both good kids. It was my first ride with Shiny with other horses in the ring (since she's started back, not ever), and she didn't try to kick anyone. So that was good.

After ponies I was off to Galentine's Day brunch at a friends house. She hosts us every year and it's really a lot of fun. Nice to catch up with friends on a Sunday and drink mamosas.

I had some time in between Galentine's and my next plan, so I went home and hung with the pugs a bit while doing some laundry. Then had dinner with the barn girls to celebrate the assistant trainer's b-day. Long day! But it was fun, and kind of nice to do something other than go to the barn and go home for a change.

And that's about it from here. How was your past week? How are your horses? Sounder than mine I hope! Ha! Ha... Ugh. Anyway, did you get to do anything fun? Lessons, shows, tack shopping?


  1. Girl what is up with your ponies and hurting themselves?? You need to burn some sage in their stalls or something to ward off all those evil spirits.

    1. I mean some sage burning wouldn't hurt lol

    2. Seriously. I need to look into proper sage burning techniques. I'm hoping hard that he just needs a little shoeing change and we should be good to go... If not though, definitely getting some sage.

  2. i'm glad to hear that at least Shiny is back up and almost-running again!! fingers crossed that there's nothing major with Eros tho. that nqr stuff really bugs me, ugh.

    also tho that's so friggin generous about getting to ride the other horse in your lesson! it's been FOREVER since i jumped anything other than charlie, which i'm not always sure is the best thing in the world....

    1. Kind of a question mark still on Eros, but hopefully it will be a short vacation for him...
      It was so generous! I wasn't expecting it at all, she just decided she wasn't up to ride in a lesson and asked me to instead! I LOVE getting to ride other horses, it's definitely what I miss most from my younger days.