Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! Since I'm stuck here in freezing Florida, I have a riding outfit AND a regular outfit again this week. What a good blogger. Since I rode first today, we'll start there.

 Another post ride photo, hence my awesome hairdo and lack of helmet or boots. You may notice that I'm wearing two shirts... I also had on a fleece jacket with a down jacket on top to ride my first horse because it was 29 degrees this morning! In south Florida! That ain't right.

Sweater: Loft
My mom got me this adorable horse sweater a few years ago for Chanukah. It's a good thing I did some laundry the other day because I actually wore this to fly down here, luckily. Or I'd have had to wear tomorrow's outfit riding today! I'm sure my fellow travelers on the plane appreciate me not doing that.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is my navy croc Mane Jane strap. You've seen it 10 thousand times and will likely see it at least five thousand more.

Breeches: Piper by Smartpak
These are a dark gray breech with teal piping and stitching. They matched my polo pretty well, but I forgot to grab a picture of that... sorry.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I love these donut socks! I think they were maybe a collab with another company, but I'm not positive. I mostly only buy the derp socks, and I'm sure these were one of those.

Along with the above, I wore my Regal boots and Samshield helmet. And now on to the rest of the day's outfit!

It got to about 53 here today (much better than this morning!) but that's still pretty chilly! So sweater weather for sure.

Sweater: French Connection
I picked this up the other day at TJ Maxx on the clearance rack. My favorite thing about being here after the holidays is that they have tons of sweaters left over at clearance prices. French Connection makes some of my favorite sweaters. They're pretty hardy, super soft, and fit great.

Belt: C4
I actually got his belt on sale from some tack store awhile back. I just can't remember which one. Might have been Rick's Heritage Saddlery maybe? I dunno.

Jeans: AG
I wound up short a few outfits this week. I packed one too few, and then it was too chilly for the cropped pants I brought, so I grabbed these when I was at TJ Maxx. Also on the sale rack! Woohoo!

Shoes: Unbranded
How adorable are these?! When I was running errands with trainer during our rain day I saw these at the Tackeria and had to have them. Cause Ponies! Painted Ponies! So excited. 

Arm Party!
Lefty is sporting a couple of rhinestone bracelets that I'm pretty sure came from Zulily along with my apple watch. 

Righty is wearing lots of lab created opals that I am certain I got from Zulily. (At least I remembered where something came from!)
And that's it for today. Judging from the long range forecast I probably won't have riding outfits to share for awhile. Booo.
How's the weather where you are? Did you get hit by this Bomb Cyclone? Early reports from home say we got about 10 inches and it's really effing cold. Last I heard the power has stayed on, so fingers crossed it stays that way!


  1. I kind wish I did get hit by a bomb cyclone because it sounds badass haha.

    1. I told someone that I'm naming my next jumper Bomb Cyclone cause it sounds badass.

  2. Bomb cyclone sounds so much more interesting than our polar vortex. Although I got a good giggle out of "snowmaggedon" and "snowpocalypse" a few years ago 😂

    1. Oh man! That was that storm where we got 40" of snow in one day! WORST DAY EVER! Even my F350 got stuck! The titles were appropriate! haha!