Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Another crazy Wednesday over here... but hopefully this post finds its way up before late night. It was kind of a weird week over here. The weather has certainly come to terms with what season it actually is (so sad, I was enjoying summer in November) and riding has gotten to be a bit spotty. I'm trying to ride as much as I can, but I just won't get on in the rain when it's colder than 45. No thanks.  So this past week, it rained Monday and Tuesday so they had those days off. I rode Wednesday, but went to Equine Affair Thursday. I got back around 7 so probably could have and should have gotten on, but I was pooped from the long day. So I didn't. Friday was MISERABLE. The high for the day was 35 and the wind was whipping. We actually had tropical storm force wind gusts. Lovely. Needless to say, I did not ride. Both weekend days I got in the saddle though! But before I get to all that, check out my friend riding her Lusitano stallion at Equine Affair:

The purpose of the demonstration was to show how versatile the breed is. So while my friend here rides jumpers and a little bit of dressage, she dressed up as a western rider for the demo. Unfortunately, they didn't get a very good warm up, so they're super awesome drill team work they had planned didn't come to fruition. I guess the warm up ring was teeny tiny that they were allowed to use and had nine horses in it. Four of them mares. So Stallion here was AMPED when he got in the ring. She kept him together though and all went just fine.
I have nothing to talk about regarding Friday. It was cold and windy and I hibernated inside with the pugs after work and feeding the ponies.
Saturday I decided to not set an alarm. I knew my helper was coming to take care of the ponies, and my dogs would sleep all day if you let them, so I figured I'd be a little slothy. I got up at 8 and it was stupid cold out. I think in the 20's? Maybe the teens? I dunno. Everything was frozen. So after checking in on the barn stuff, I took myself out to run some errands and get breakfast. Once back at the farm, I had to do some storm clean up in the ring...

By the time I picked up all the jumps (not that I planned to jump them on the frozen ground but SOMEONE would be afraid of them all blown over, ahem... Jamp) the ground was mostly thawed out. Or so I thought.
 I got Jampy out first because this was Rio's answer when I asked who wanted to go ride first:
The equine version of not volunteering in gym class.
It was our first ride of the year with a quarter sheet. A milestone each year I wouldn't mind being able to skip...
Also, he's um... fluffier than he's been in the past, and he looks like fat guy in a little coat. #awkward

I threw him on a lunge line first because riding once during the week does not make for a pleasant Jamposaur come the weekend.
He was still this spooky post ride. I have no idea what he's looking at.
Turns out, only one side of my ring was thawed out sufficiently. And that half ran the long way not the short way so riding was... interesting. We got some work done as best we could though. I decided to just lunge Rio on the section that was defrosted. He has enough problems without trying to navigate frozen terrain!
Sunday was a bit warmer, I think we actually hit 40 in the afternoon! So I was able to use most of the ring and actually get some real riding in. Jamp is kind of the worst this time of year though. He only gives you about 1/3 of his attention, so trying to fix anything is pretty ridiculous. There's one corner that he always has trouble navigating because he's SO worried about the scary end being behind him. Since he's only partially listening to me, yet still wants to be a good pony, he overreacts to everything I ask. Lift your shoulder and move to the outside of the turn? Sure! And then he just bulges himself right into the fence. So I add MORE outside leg and we're leg yielding to the inside. Wash, rinse, repeat. I mean, on the one hand, he is reacting to my aids. On the other, it's a stupid annoying cycle that won't break until next June. I'm not a big draw rein person, but I think it might be time to have a ride in them. Hopefully just one is all it will take.
Rio on the other hand is perfect in every way. Granted, I don't ask him to do anything but work around the ring on the rail, and an occasional lead change... But he does those things perfectly!

Jamp must have told him to check this corner out
 This week started out much like last in the riding department. It rained Monday so I didn't ride. Tuesday it rained too, but it stopped early enough I was able to get them both out. Tonight should be ok too, but then more rain for Thursday. Gross. Like it's not bad enough I have to ride outside in the dark when it's 32 degrees, it also has to rain all the time? What is this mother nature? At least it's still rain though I guess... I don't even want to think about the white stuff that's coming!

That's about all that's up this Wednesday. What's up with you? Has winter reared it's freezing cold face in your area yet? Have you been able to ride much? Anything else fun and exciting you want to talk about?


  1. it is not that cold here yet. it is 50s today and sunny out but i have the feeling it is coming. It is supposed to be back in the 40s during the days and 20s at night next week I think....and this time change has taken any motivation to ride out of me. By the time i can go to the barn it is dark and the deer ARE everywhere. So i stay home and vegetate. SIGH. :) Glad you got to ride :) And her stallion is gorgeous!!

    1. Since this is New England... it's back in the 50's today! But pouring buckets. Sheesh. I hear you on the time change. I can't say I'm jumping with excitement to get on in the dark (especially since I have to ride Jamp in it!) but I know it will be a long while of no riding. Thankfully the deer haven't popped out at us yet this season!