Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day! So it's actually warmed up into the 50's here today (yay!) but it's also pouring buckets (boooo). Obviously, this calls for something cozy to wear...

Ain't nothing more cozy than a blanket! Or a sweater that looks like one my grandma might have made...

Sweater: Yishang
This most amazing piece of... something, is from a British designer, but I found it on Zulily.  It might just be my most favorite sweater EVER. I almost didn't buy it. I popped back over to it several times throughout the day and finally realized that, yes, I do indeed very much need this sweater in my life. #noregrets

Belt: Mane Jane
My buckle is getting a little beat up isn't it? Maybe one of these days I'll replace it, but for now I think it has plenty of life left. I just have the one buckle and switch it between all the different straps that I have. Much more affordable! This is the purple crocodile strap (it has the green croc on the other side) but keep reading to see the awesome strap I won in Mane Jane's instagram contest! (Below with my riding outfit.)

Jeans: Vigoss
Nothing special about these pants. Just a nice, comfy blue jean. Vigoss jeans fit my body type really well, so if you're shaped like me, definitely check them out!

Boots: Rebel With Cause
I grabbed these at the end of the season last year on Zulily. This brand is stupid expensive, but they're based out of TX which is much better than China... I snagged a pretty amazing deal on them too (otherwise I would not have them).

 Lefty is donning my favorite vintage Gucci but bracelet along with my trusty apple watch.

I've also started wearing this ring I got for like $5 but I think is really pretty. I love the different colors in the stone glass.

 Unicorn jewelry! I mean, if my horses get unicorn bits I should have matching accessories too, right? The first is a cuff bracelet from Etsy, and the second I got from Poshmark.

I love these little stacking rings! The wider one on top actually came with the cuff bracelet from Etsy. The narrow one was from a different Etsy seller. I had it engraved with my hashtag: #backyardbarn It's a little tough to read though.

That's what I'm wearing at work today, but let's see what I wore to ride last night on Tuesday.
I usually share my Wednesday outfit, but Tuesday I really liked what I had on, so I decided to share that instead this week. The boys didn't dress up this time since this was somewhat unplanned.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
This is the black and pink one I got from the UK. I'm not sure why I don't wear this one that often, it's so fun!

Sweatshirt: Avalanche
I love these fleece tops so much. I got a blue one a couple of years ago at Marshalls, and a few weeks later they had them in a bunch of colors. I have four of them now... They're super warm but not bulky. I really like that they look knit too. So if I were to wear it to work, it's a little nicer than a normal sweatshirt (which I probably would not wear to work).

Belt: Mane Jane
Tada! My prize! Mane Jane had a contest and all you had to do to enter was tag them in a photo. I didn't even realize there was a contest when I tagged my gold crown spur straps, but I won! Yay! For a prize I got to pick between spur straps, a new buckle (they have rose gold now!), or a belt strap. The best part was, you could design your own! I was lacking a pink Mane Jane belt, so I started there, and then decided to make the other side gray. I'm sure you'll see that side soon as I've already worn it twice, and it just arrived on Monday!

Breeches: SmartPak Pipers
Yep, I couldn't wait to wear my new pants. Especially when I realized they matched my new belt so perfectly!

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
Spurs: Evo Equine
Spur Straps: Stacie Originals
I know you're probably disappointed I didn't bust out the pink and black half chaps (of which I have two options...) But I wanted to wear warm socks and I knew they fit in here. Plus I wanted all the grip I could muster since I knew Jampy was going to be a challenge on Tuesday. But next time, hopefully, I will complete the outfit properly.

That's it for today! Any favorites from today? Have you gotten any new clothes or accessories you're excited about? Have some Mane Jane on your holiday gift list?