Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Ok, so this one is more weird things my horse does than a real confession. Or maybe it's Rio's confession... Yeah! That's it, it's horse confession day!
Generally speaking, Rio is ridiculously obedient. He does not like to get in trouble ever. Granted, ever since his near death experience, his manners are a little less than perfect due to him being completely spoiled. But still, he's generally a very good boy. That said, he has this one weird thing which has only been a thing since after he was sick.
"Don't listen to mom, I'm perfect in every way" -Rio probably
Prior to working, if you want to pick his feet, you have to start on his left side and work your way around. He'll cross over the back feet but not the front. Most of the time, once you've gotten the first foot done, he'll have the next one up and waiting for you. However, you HAVE to start on the left side. If you don't, he will flat out refuse to pick up his feet. It's very strange. You can move him all around, but he won't do it. That's odd and all but it gets weirder.
After you've ridden (or lunged or whatever work was that day) you have to start on the right side and work around. Every so often he'll actually let you do all the feet from that side after riding, but not usually. I think that's more of a balance thing for him though.
I think this is like horsey OCD. You know how you learn to do everything equally when you're riding? Like work both directions more or less for the same amount of time, and all that? (Obviously unless you're having a one sided issue, but this isn't a training post, stop being picky.) I think it's his version of unwinding the clock. He figures you made a circle around him to the left before riding, so after riding you have to circle right. Fair enough Rio. Whatever you want!
I wouldn't think horses could have opinions like this, but here we are... Does your horse do anything weird like that? Any weird habits of your own you want to share?


  1. That is hysterical! At least it's an easy quirk to indulge :)

    1. It's so funny! And yeah, definitely one of those choose your battles situations. I'll let him have this one!