Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

So I already filled you all in on Romey's vet visit on Friday. So we'll start what's up with Wednesday with Jamp's appointment. We already knew what was bothering the Jampasaur so we didn't have to spend too much time re-flexing things. Basically, Jamp is getting older and what I'm feeling, for the most part is just wear and tear.
We did his hocks and we'll see how he feels in a couple weeks. Doc is going to come back out and possibly do his SI at that point. Doc seems to think that Jamp is not in terrible shape and could certainly fit in one more show season! So we'll see how he's feeling after his next appointment and then maybe we'll try and get back in the ring. I'm not holding my breath though, because yesterday I noticed this:
Can you see it? His nose is twisting off to the right (his right, your left). It may not seem like much, but this was the first thing that happened to Rio before his big EPM episode. So I sent this photo to doc. He said to keep an eye on it for a day or two, and if it's not resolved we will treat him. Seriously, what is with these horses?!

Rio had a quick visit with the vet too because I've noticed he's had more muscle atrophy. We think it's probably from the epm mixed with his getting older. Just to be safe we did some blood work including a test for Cushings. Fortunately, I found out today his blood work looks great and he does NOT have cushings. Thatta boy Rio!

Since Jamp and Romey had all that work done on Friday, they had the weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) off. You know what that meant?! All Rio, all the time! Ok not entirely. Jamp and Romey got plenty of attention, hand walking, and grooming also. But all my saddle time was with Rio. We did a quick flat in the ring both days and then wandered around the yard eating grass and walking some hills. Because hills should help some with his muscle deterioration. Maybe.
He loves our fake trail rides!

Sunday everyone got trimmed and had their manes fixed. And more grass of course.

All that primping and not working was clearly exhausting though:

Technically Romey and Jamp were supposed to start back under saddle for a light ride on Tuesday, but I had tickets to a Yankee game, and doc said it was ok to give them an extra day off. It's always fun to head to the stadium, and as usual I ate my way through the game. We had great seats!

Before the game started, they had a moment of silence for the Manchester, England attack. Following that, they played Britain's national anthem prior to our own. It was pretty moving and I thought it was really a nice thing to do.
Unfortunately, my boys in pinstripes blew the lead they held the entire game and wound up losing. But hey, can't win them all! I still won, cause my belly was full of delicious crap.
In other news, my awesome purple boots came today! But... They're not the color I thought they would be and I messed up measuring the height so they're a little short. I emailed the store I bought them through to see about the color so I didn't ride in them yet. Despite them not being perfect, they are undeniably still awesome. And it's ok if they're a bit short, it's not like I could ever show in them... Wanna see??? Ok, I'll give a spoiler, but you'll see them better tomorrow on Thursday's Threads.
Other than the height, they fit perfectly, so I'm not totally fired from measuring for boots... If I ever get another pair, I'll just take these measurements and add some height. Hopefully my gray boots are better. I checked those measurements tonight against these, and they were taller, so I think they'll be alright. They should be here soon too!

And that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? I shall leave you with this photo of two Pug loaves:


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    1. I wish I hadn't messed up the measurements! But I'm pretty excited about them regardless!

  2. Wow I like bold, but I don't think I quite have the nerve to order those boots. Love your style!

    1. Well, I do ride at my house where no one actually sees me so...