Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! Woohoo! You guys, it's legit summer here today. The projected high is 95 degrees, though I'm pretty close to the water so it will probably stay around 85 here. Sunny with a clear blue sky... PERFECT! This is my weather. I've been waiting all winter for a day like today! To honor the weather, I had to wear some pretty flowers today:
I thought about sandals too, but I haven't swapped out my boots for those yet, and didn't have time to go shoe hunting this morning. Boat shoes work just fine!

Top: Sweet Claire
Possibly the least flattering angle to take a photo... Anyway, I LOVE the back of this top. It's all one, so it has that black and white striped backing with the floral tied around it. It would be a lot cuter if I dropped some of this weight I gained (thanks Hashimotos...) but it's still pretty cute. At least I don't generally see me from that angle!

Jeans: Henry & Belle
I love the shade of khaki on these, though honestly with the top, I think a slightly less yellowy color might be better. Henry & Belle jeans dance on the boarder of being jeggings because they're so soft and stretchy. I'm a big fan!

Shoes: Sperry Top Sider
These shoes are right on the mark with colors though! If the pants were the same beige as the shoes, they'd be perfect.

Belt: Swanky Saddle
I've seen a few companies doing things with this equine themed LOVE depiction. I bought a hoodie from one of those Facebook ads awhile back, and when Swanky Saddle made the belt buckle, I HAD to get one. I thought "love" tied in well with the pretty floral print.

Arm Party!
Lefty continued the horsey theme with my Gucci bit bracelet and this rein bracelet that's also from Swanky Saddle. It's adjustable, and the clasp/button has a little rhinestone in it. Super cute!

Righty went a little horsey and a little feminine, all tied up with a little no worries! The horse shoe nail is a new edition to the Swanky Saddle line (they need to stop making cute things, cause I have no impulse control), the pearl bangle and the Hakuna Matada bangle are both by Adeline Quinn Co by way of Zulily.

It was pretty warm last night for my ride, so I thought it was time to break out the pastels:

Someone looks pretty fancy here... and it's probably not the lady dressed like an Easter egg.
Did I fail to mention the helmet I ordered to match my incoming purple boots? Oops. Well, you couldn't have expected anything less, did you? Honestly, I think it was a wise investment, because it will be cooler on sunny summer days.

Helmet: Charles Owen GR8
Did you guys know you can still get custom GR8's? I thought they were done with them, replaced by the AYR8, but no! These are less expensive and have a few more color options. I got this one from a British company on Ebay.

Top: Um... I'm forgetting who makes this shirt right now...
You've seen it before though, so feel free to scroll the archives if you're dying to know. It's mint and lavender, so pretty much a perfect polo.

Belt: C4
I had ordered this belt with a gray buckle, but decided to grab this purple one from another belt to tie the outfit together a little more. I think it looks cute!

Breeches: Ariat
Tack of the Day had these Ariat breeches on sale for under $40 a few weeks back. I recently purged my old pair that were a similar color since you know.. chubby. So I was happy to add the color back into my wardrobe. I forget which model these are, but they're very comfy. I wouldn't mind having them in another color too.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
Best way to finish off this outfit? Purple Unicorns, DUH! I wore my old faithful Regal boots which you've seen a thousand times, so I'm sharing my socks today instead!

And that's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? How's the weather where you are? Any favorites from today?


  1. Ok we know you have an alarming amount of boots -- now I'm wondering how many helmets you have 😂 I love it

    1. Ha! I have 4: the green one, this purple one, a black and pink one, and my Samshield that I show in. Though up until this winter I only had 2: one for every day and one to wear showing.

    2. Oops. 5. I forgot the blue one.

  2. I think the easter egg lady is fancy af too!