Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday's Threads: the one with the purple boots

It's a gross, rainy, dreary, no fun day here today. And since I put zero effort into my work outfit today, let's just jump right into last night's riding outfit and my new boots, shall we?! We shall.
I had been stalking my boot package all day, and knew they would arrive before I did last night. I was ridiculously excited for them! So obviously, I coordinated my outfit for them. Duh.

Top: Ralph Lauren
Just a basic polo shirt in a lovely lilac color. I don't know if polo shirts are still a thing, but I'm hanging on to them. Classic staple in my closet. Especially for the barn.

Breeches: Smartpak Pipers
These are charcoal with lilac piping and lilac gel for the knee patches. I've heard mixed reviews on these breeches, but I'm pretty happy with mine. I've worn them and washed them a lot, and so far so good.

Belt: Noble Outfitters
I love the embossed horse shoes on here. So cute! It's not quite the same purple as my shirt or the boots, but I went with it anyway. I think it's managing to work.

Stivali Romitelli

Yeah, super short. My bad.

I totally messed up the height on these, and I have no one to blame but myself. But whatever, they're obviously just for schooling, so they'll be fine. You guys, the leather on these is really, really nice. They're soft, but not floppy soft. I wore them around the barn for a bit, and they were completely comfortable the entire time. Nothing was digging in anywhere. I like that even though they are custom, they still have the elastic in the back. I think from now on I'm going to request that in all my boots. Just makes them more comfy. So aside from them being short, I was also a little bummed about the color. I thought I was ordering this color:
Not that same boot, I got the boot I wanted, but I thought the color I ordered would be this kind of pinky purple shade. But when I opened the box they were more gray/purple. I'm a little disappointed since my Fama Lusitano boots are also gray and who needs two pair of gray boots?! But not that disappointed because I still think they're awesome. I checked with the store to make sure it wasn't a mistake and it wasn't. Turns out, I got some false information when I inquired about getting the above color. They did offer me 10% of a future order in their shop to try and make up for it. Not really their fault entirely though, so no hard feelings here. I'll just have to get actual pink boots next time... JOKING! (Maybe. Anymore bad pony news and it could happen. Someone take my credit card!)

Helmet: Charles Owen
I mean.... the boots DO match my helmet pretty perfectly.

Ok, enough with the boots. Here's what I wore to work today:
Yeah. Zero effort. I had to go to the dentist this morning, so I was much more preoccupied with that. It's my first visit since my dentist retired. I hate change. And the dentist. Also, the new guy is about 12 years old. Ugh.

Sweater: Pink Rose
I love the heathered mint color to this sweater and that it's just a little sheer. I wish I hadn't shrunk it up to nothing though. It's really short now!

Jeans: True Religion
Nothing very exciting about these. But they fit GREAT and are super comfy.

Belt: C4
You saw this one last week with a purple buckle on it. Here it is in its original form with a silver buckle. I love how versatile these belts can be.

Shoes: Sperry
Heh... They don't ACTUALLY match the sweater. I thought, eh, close enough when I put them on, but they're really not close at all. They're super fun though with that glittery look to them.

Arm Party!
forgive this wonky photo, Blogger wasn't having it with my edits today...
Lefty is donning a pretty enamel bangle from C.Wonder. It reminds me of those crazy expensive Hermes ones, but this one was only $24.00.

Righty is wearing a quadruple wrap bracelet from Nakamol and a little friendship bracelet from Ettika. I was introduced to Nakamol via Little Black Bag many moons ago, and I really love their pieces. They are delicate and pretty, but really sturdy, and don't seem to fall apart.

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? Would you be embarrassed by how short my boots are? Or does the crazy color scheme distract from that?


  1. Haha I love the boots, short or no. Wonder if I could get some in grey/teal....

    1. Thanks! You definitely could! I think they can do anything at all.

  2. Omg so much purp <3 Where do you find all this cool stuff? Whenever I look on ebay I can never find unique equestrian stuff.

    1. Actually, I think none of this was from ebay, which is pretty shocking! But I spend probably too much time google searching things I want. And then I hunt it down! (Often on ebay)