Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

This was one of those weeks that was busy with lots of nothing actually going on. I was able to ride everyday except Saturday. It was still productive though. Betty, my car, went in for a long overdue check up and only cost me a small fortune. Could have been worse I suppose. I spent the rest of the day running all sorts of errands and trying to purge my closet some. Keyword: Trying. I think I need to take a week off from life to do that completely.
No mom, I don't WANNA canter!
 As for horses, I feel like I'm stuck in a holding pattern with them. Romey and Jamp are both pretty much where we were in the fall. Neither is really sound, but working them doesn't make it better or worse. I'm STILL waiting for the vet to come out, and I'm hoping that's happening Friday so I can start making some plans and decisions for them.
Romey looks pretty cute and fancy in a still shot!
Rio is holding his own. I haven't been riding him much because he hasn't been that into it. He seems to be less happy when it's cold out and damp out, and that's pretty much all we had last week. This week is like summer though, so I'm hoping he perks up and wants to play some more.
He blinked.
In other news, I got this photo the other day:
Those are my Fama Lusitano boots! They should be shipping by the end of the week!!!! I'm stupid excited. They're so pretty! AND I also got notification that my purple boots shipped. The tracking number isn't working  yet though, so I'm not sure what that means... So excited for ALL THE BOOTS!

That's about it from here. What's happening with you? How are your horses? Showing yet? Any big plans coming up?


  1. How do you need this many boots? I think you might be addicted.

    1. Oh definitely don't NEED... I tend to shop away my feelings. And I've been a little bummed about my plethora of limpy horses. The purple boots happened when I thought Rio was dying. Kind of a win win there though cause he's still here AND I get new boots ;)

  2. Hoping the vet provides some insight and helps you make plans and move forward with both your boys <3

    1. Thank you! He's confirmed coming tomorrow, so hopefully I can get moving figuring things out.