Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: The one where I wear many hats. No, literally.

Phew, Wednesday again! Spring is flying by, though no one told mother nature. So freakin' cold here! Despite that, it's been a busy week!
Friday was Cinco de Mayo, which despite my love for Mexican food and Margaritas, I normally do not partake in festivities because, ugh crowded restaurants! But one of my coworkers is leaving for a new job so we decided to have a Cinco de Bye-o celebration for her. I was originally planning on just meeting everyone later for a drink after I rode, but it was pouring buckets outside, so I decided to feed and head right over. Much fun was had, and I was even still home by 11. (I'm so old.)

Unfortunately, my early night was for naught because just as I was about to head to bed, my neighbor heard the familiar screech of tires. Yep. Another car in the woods across the streets.
Fortunately, everyone was ok. But seriously, how does this keep happening?! This is at least the 5th time since I moved here.
Saturday I was supposed to run a 5K. But you know... it was raining when I woke up. So I opted out. #lazyrunner I'm not proud of that. But I'm not really ashamed of it either. Maybe I'll try again soon.
Instead of running, I got to work riding horses once morning chores were done. Jampy was WILD and I wound up having to toss him on the lunge line for a few minutes. Glad I did, there were many antics. Once that was out of his system, he was pretty good, other than spooking at bunnies. Cause you know, killer bunnies in these parts. I planned to take the tall kids out for grass after each of their rides, but I was super lazy about it so I just rode them out to the grass instead of hand grazing. No one seemed to object.

Rio had a lunge since I haven't sat on him in a little bit. He looked great (to the left, to the right... his canter looks great!) I climbed on, but just to walk him out and graze. Rio gets to do whatever Rio wants. And he said he didn't feel like working.

Romes was well behaved too. I really am getting itchy for the vet to get here for him though. I don't have as much love and trust in him, so he actually had a hand graze after we rode.

Next up was a super fun Derby party hosted by Ashley from The Well Dressed Table. I put my money on the underdog Patch, because how could you not? And also on Fast And Accurate who was not so fast. It was super fun, and I enjoyed catching up with some friends over dinner after the race.
This turf table runner covered in ponies and roses was the cutest thing ever!

I wore a hat per the dress code.

Also on Saturday I discovered the snap chat KY Derby filter. You're welcome. Good luck unseeing this:

And then before you knew it, it was Sunday already. I have been behind on absolutely everything since coming back from Florida. And this became a problem this weekend when I was trying to find the time to shop for all the birthdays this weekend! My youngest niece turned 1 on Saturday, the older one turned 4 on Sunday, and my step mom ALSO had a birthday on Sunday. (I'm sure she prefers I not tell you how old she turned.) And I had zero gifts ready to go as of Sunday morning. Thankfully, I know what I'm doing when it comes to shopping.
I stopped first for breakfast because a girl needs her strength for fast paced shopping. Next stop was to the Kate Spade outlet for Step mom. That went a little too quickly because my next stop was to TJ Maxx for the girls, and they didn't open until 11. (Which, by the way, is really inconvenient. I was ready for shopping by 8 am but nothing was open!) Clearly the best option was to stop at the Ralph Lauren outlet. I behaved though, leaving with a dress for my older niece and a charity bracelet ($10) for me. I zipped through TJ Maxx once they were open with some great finds for the girls, and I was home with plenty of time to ride Jamp and Rio. Sorry Romes, you drew the short straw.  Both boys were very good fortunately, because I had no time for naughty ponies (hence Romey not making the cut)! Always time for a selfie with Jamp though. Always.

After ponies I went over to my brother and sister-in-laws to celebrate birthday palooza. My dad and step mom were coming a bit later, so we did present things to start.

I played with all their toys because I'm super mature and grown up. I even tried on Keira's new bike helmet:
It pretty much fit because my head is the size of a pea. Or a 4 year old. Whatever. We played with play doh too. I made a pony:
It's a neon chestnut. Duh.

Cake was super fun, Ellie made a big mess with her smash cake. Anyone else kind of want to just tear into a cake with your bare hands and stuff it in your cake hole? No? Just me? Ok then.
After cake time was home time. I didn't get much of anything done even though I really should have. Such a slacker. One of these days I'll actually unpack and do laundry. This week did not contain that day.

The ponies have been a little up this week with the temperature drop. But no one's died so far, so that's a positive. But my favorite part of the work week so far is my baby plant grew a flower! I grew this thing from a seed which I figured would never grow at all, and it actually grew a pretty flower!
And that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do anything fun or exciting over the weekend? Did you wear many hats like I did?


  1. I need that bike helmet for every day life.

    1. I think the crown should be optional on ALL helmets.

  2. Yeah I was all on board for that being your new riding helmet.

  3. Replies
    1. Ashley did a great job! That table runner was so adorable.