Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! It's a gorgeous day here today. Highs should be around 60 which is pretty fab for mid November. The sun is out, and I have a half day of work! The boys are finally getting fall shots. Bummer for them I suppose, but I'm pretty excited to break out early on a beautiful day!
Let's start with last night's riding outfit:
I'm happy to report that navy looks great with my green helmet too :)

Vest: Aeropostale
Sweater: Ariat

That is the coziest vest EVER. Of course I also got the matching jacket, because necessities. The only negative is how badly everything sticks to them. Worth it though for the cozy factor. The sweater you've all seen before. I'm a big fan of the Ariat wool sweaters. If you see them on sale, definitely add one to your wardrobe!

Breeches: Ariat
You've all seen these before. I swear they aren't actually faded or dirty, but I couldn't get a shot that they didn't look that way. I love the teal stitching on these!

Ok, on to today's outfit!

It happened you guys. I am wearing leggings. Leggings as pants. I'm not sure if I'm ok.

Top: Goo Yoo
(Seriously? Who names these brands?)
Obviously when I saw this top I had to have it. It's green. It has tan elbow patches... There's nothing to dislike here. It's a nice length for a tunic, covering my entire bum so I can make a legging attempt. And it's nice and loose so my tire doesn't show!

Leggings: Michael Kors
Corduroy leggings! YES! This is what swayed me! They're a nice heavy fabric so they cover up the lumps pretty well. And they're REALLY stretchy so it's like wearing your favorite breeches to work. Thank you Michael Kors for making a classy legging!

Boots: Seychelles
Yes, these are the most amazing boots on the planet. That's high praise coming from me! I found these a few years back, and they still remain at the top of my favorites list. They're SO SOFT! And SO COMFY! And green and brown. Perfection!

Arm party!
Lefty is sporting a vintage Gucci bracelet along with the apple watch. I love that the bracelet has an actual, functional buckle. Although, I sometimes have trouble getting out of it.

Righty is also sporting a vintage Gucci bracelet, along with some artisan made bangles. We have the cutest restaurant in my town. It's part gift store, part gourmet deli. I stopped in a few weekends ago to grab a breakfast sandwich and found these bracelets while I was waiting. I knew I had the perfect outfit for them! Plus, they're my barn colors so...

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? Any favorites from today's post?

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