Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

On today's edition of Truthful Tuesday, I give you full permission to laugh at me. I did! With this autoimmune condition I have comes some ridiculous symptoms, the silliest of which is absentmindedness. From what I hear, once we figure out the correct dosage for my meds, this should go away. But in the meantime, I do stupid things sometimes. Which brings us to today's confession.
This weekend I had a particularly rough time with my energy level, and a little trouble finding my motivation. But I finally kicked myself in the butt enough to get to the grocery store once I finished barn work/riding on Sunday evening. While on the drive to the store, I look over at my passenger seat to grab a mint from my purse. I expect to see this there:
(That's my purse.) Instead I see just empty seat. You guys. I FORGOT MY PURSE! So I get off the exit and head home to retrieve my money carrier. Thankfully I remembered it the second time. I get my shopping done and I'm walking out to the car, and I hear someone running up behind me yelling "Miss! Miss!" (Hey, at least I didn't get "Maam!" right?) Yep. I left my credit card at the checkout. I mean really. You'd think I'd be focused after the debacle getting there!
Have you ever done anything careless like that? And then made the same mistake 20 minutes later?! Sheesh. If you have, you might want to get your thyroid tested!


  1. I have horrible insomnia and I can be pretty absent minded if I've had a particularly bad night of sleep, so I feel your pain... Also, that purse is too cute!!

    1. Yes, it's the same fog you get from exhaustion.
      Thank you! It's vintage, I found it on ebay!