Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

It was another mildly unproductive week with the ponies. Riding season is clearly winding down here in New England! I rode more than I did the week before though, so that was nice.
After chatting with my weekend helper, I decided to try a saddle with a wider channel between the panels on Romey to see if he might prefer that to the saddle I normally ride in which has a somewhat narrow space there. I have an old PJ saddle that I had bought for Mowgli (the medium pony I had a few years back). It's a bit wider than my Hermes, so I used that. Romey was actually more willing to go to work, though he did still protest. I rode in that saddle a few days, then switched back to my Hermes to see if there was a difference. And wow was there! He was pretty much completely unwilling to pick up the trot and was even more agitated about having the girth tightened. So I guess I'll be riding him in the old PJ for awhile. The only problem with that saddle is it's too small for me, and my ass literally does not fit in it. Oh well. Maybe I'll see something affordable at Equine Affair next weekend? Or maybe I'll finally get motivated to lose 15 lbs? (Lol.)
We had some really nice weather over the weekend so I was able to rinse everybody off. Might be the last time until spring!
I'm loving those Tuff Rider scrims for this weather. They keep the spine warm while allowing plenty of airflow for drying. They're on sale everywhere, so if you're thinking about getting a scrim, definitely get one of these!
Badger left for Florida on Friday along with my favorite Hermes saddle. So I'm stuck at home with no Badger and only the back up Hermes and too small PJ for company. #firstworldproblems Hopefully Badger will rest up and work out his muscle problems in his back soon. I want to be able to ride him when I head down for a visit in December.
I didn't dress the ponies up this year for Halloween, but I did manage to wear three different outfits myself on Monday. We celebrated at the office, so I went as a skeleton of sorts:

I found skeleton print jeans on ebay, and then found this funny sweatshirt to match. I love that they labeled what your parts do. For the heart it said thump which you can't see in the photo. Obviously I had to wear some jewelry to match:
rib cage necklace

skeleton hand ring.
It's hard to see in the photo, but the ring is actually wearing a ring that is shaped like a skull. So meta.

After work, I threw on my Unicorn hoody to ride. (What you don't have one?)

The evening was pretty hilarious as a result. I've finally collected evidence that my horses really do ignore me most of the time. I went into Romey's stall to pick his feet and he was totally fine about my new mane and horn. But then after picking two feet he looked down at me and totally freaked out. Aside from him almost kicking me, it was pretty hilarious. I was like, "Romey, you looked right at me before I went to your feet!" And he was all, "no, you put that on when I wasn't looking." Oddly enough Jamp didn't care at all about it. He did try to eat my horn though.
 Rio had a very similar reaction as Romey. Except it took him even longer to react. I went in his stall, picked all of his feet, led him out to the crossties, hooked one up, AND THEN he freaked out. Poor guy nearly had a heart attack. And then he tried to eat my horn.
I hung some candy out the door for trick or treaters but I never get any, so it just froze while I was riding. And then I ate most of it. (Who needs to fit in a little saddle anyway?)
 I made sure the ponies had extra treats in their dinner for being good sports though.

Now that Halloween was pretty much over, it was time to embarrass the pugs. Because that's what Halloween is for. I found matching costumes for the three of us and I was ridiculously excited to put them on.
 Unfortunately, the pugs were less excited about playing dress up. Especially Pia. Pia wouldn't put her legs through the leg holes. Artie did, but no one would really hold still for photos. I was laughing so hard I wasn't of much help. The best part: I was doing all of this for no one but myself. Someone needs to get out more... Anyway, here are some photos for your enjoyment:

So ridiculous.
Well that's about all that's up this Wednesday. What's up with you? Did you dress up for Halloween? Or your animals? Tell me about it in comments!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's completely ridiculous in all the best ways.

  2. I was a #halloweenfail and did basically nothing but I'm so enjoying all the photos of people and their animals all dressed up!

    1. I think it being on a Monday was real party foul.

  3. HAHA I'm so glad you guys were twinning (tripleting?) in your unicorn onesies! A family that wears onesies together stays together!