Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends! It's the best Wednesday because it's also Fake Friday. Fake Fridays are my favorite. ESPECIALLY when they fall on a Wednesday. It's been a weird week over here, I'm glad it's a short one!
Last Thursday I had the vet scheduled to come out for fall shots between 3 and 5. I decided to work just until two which would give me some time to let the dogs out even if the vet arrived right at 3. He usually texts me when he's a half hour out which is great. I let the dogs out and decided to hop on Jampy quickly since I hadn't heard from the vet yet. Silly to waste a chance to ride in the daylight! He was a spookasaurus of course, but it was still nice.
The vet arrived about 20 minutes after I got off which was perfect timing. I had him palpate on Romey some and we had a nice chat. This vet isn't my lameness specialist, but I think it never hurts to get another educated opinion. Dr. A said from palpating on him, he really didn't find any sensitivity which is what my lameness vet thought as well. Dr A did say though, that he might need to be in more work to be able to really diagnose it. So that was going to be my plan, until the temps dropped and the ground froze over. Have I mentioned I hate winter?
But I digress... Friday was fairly warm, so Jamp and Romey both got ridden after work. Rio got loved on. Happy boys all around. My weekend helper needed this weekend off so I was on my own for barn chores. Have I told you guys that I'm the world's slowest stall cleaner? I totally am. But they are so clean when I'm done! The boys all enjoyed their turnouts while I was cleaning.
Rio snacking while he waits his turn in the ring.

Romey gloating that he always goes out first

Jamp just wanting to not be outside. Ever.
It was a ridiculously gorgeous day out. Temps were in the upper 60's and the sun was out much of the day. I couldn't wait to ride! Once chores were done and the dogs had been out, I got ready to ride Jampy first. But when I put him on the crossties he was breathing really hard. Poop. He does that when he has a fever. 103.3. Double poop. So I texted the vet, pumped him full of Banamine and tucked him back into his stall. Poor baby. Reaction to his vaccines we think. He's just fine now thankfully. We're going to start giving him a little Banamine whenever he gets shots from now on since he's been so sensitive to them lately. It's not easy getting old. I still can't believe he's turning 18 in the spring. Yikes.
Romes was actually pretty good Saturday thankfully. I do think he's much happier when it's not freakin' freezing out. Me too Romey. Me too.
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were stupid. 18 mph sustained winds with gusts around 10-25 mph. Highs right at around 40. Ugh. NO THANK YOU! The boys have enjoyed much grooming, zero work. They're pretty happy with the arrangement. I'm crossing my fingers I'll get to ride this weekend. It's supposed to be a little warmer but it's also going to rain. So we shall see.
In non horse related news, I got to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning before doing chores. I picked up a breakfast sandwich and drove down to the lake for some quiet time. Just me and Acoustic Sunrise on the radio. (I know, I'm super old. Simple things my friends.)

I spent the rest of Sunday cleaning my house and working on some reviews for Beeju Boxes. One of the boxes I was sent to review was the RLB Art Box Studio. So I had to do some arts and crafts. I made a pony. (Totally not the point of the activity... whatever.)

Check out my review over here! (You'll be able to see what the actual point of the activity was. But you'll agree my way was better.) I have some others posting this weekend ranging from snackboxes, to lego boxes, to jewelry. Stop over there when you've had enough of the black Friday and small business Saturday crowds. We should have some coupons and what not up too.
Thanksgiving Day will start early with pony chores, and then I'm meeting my family at my brother's for a giant meal! I can't wait to eat everything. EVERYTHING. What are your plans for the holiday?
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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