Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursdays Threads!

Outfit Day! So I must preface outfit day with a follow up on Jampy. His fever stayed down all night (yay!) so as long as it's still down at lunch time, my vet and I both think it's safe for me to go to the game. My horse sitter who is feeding tonight is very capable and will make sure he's ok until I get home late tonight. Soooooo, this means I'm dressed for game day today!
I mentioned yesterday this is Snoopy give-a-way day, so obviously, I have an outfit for that.

T-shirt: Major League Baseball
Seriously, how cute is this?! My friends that I go to the game with gave it to me for my birthday. I love it so much, and am so excited to finally wear it!

Jeans: Touch
Yep. Yankees emblem on my butt. I love these jeans. They're too long though, so I have them safety pinned at the bottom. I'm cool like that.

Belt: unknown
I found this vintage buckle on Etsy awhile back. The belt I got on ebay from some guy in New York that makes belts.

Shoes: Eastland

I own three pairs of Yankee's shoes. Probably excessive. But it's taken awhile to find a pair I really love. These are them! Hopefully I don't kill them before finding pair number 4...

Arm Party!
 Lefty is all decked out in some Etsy finds. Also my apple watch. Because I need to count those steps!


This is another Etsy bracelet. This thing is so cool! It's made from an actual game ball! I like the bottle cap with the logo on it, and the baseball button clasp. So CUTE!

Fear not, I also have a super fun riding outfit to share today:
I got super pose-y for this one. Model status?

Top: Horseware
I believe this is last seasons. I saw it on Tack of the Day a few weeks ago and snatched it right up. I love the color combo. This is my second top I've gotten from Horsewares, and I have to say, I'm a huge fan. Will definitely be adding to the collection in the future.

Belt: Horseware
Well... I mean... It matched the top so I had to get it too. Right?

Breeches: Annie's Equestrian
These are the original, original blue breeches from Annie's. The ones available now are a little fancier. These are not euro seat, have plain pockets, and velcro bottoms. The new ones are euro seat with sock bottoms, and have rhinestone with trim on the pockets. Much fancier. Also, the new ones are on sale at Annie's right now! Click here if you need a pair.

Half Chaps: unknown brand
Paddock Boots: Horka
You guys! These half chaps are crazy fun aren't they?! I found them on ebay for $68.00. Yes, that's right. My one complaint: they said they were top grain leather, and they are definitely faux leather. But still, how awesome are they? And for the price I can't be too upset. They're a little oddly sized. I actually had to have them taken in because they were huge. They're still a bit too big on top, but it's not like I'll be showing in them, so it's fine. You saw these paddock boots last week.
Confession... I bought a few other pairs of these half chaps in different styles. So you'll be seeing more of them soon!

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on?


  1. Those half chaps are incredible!! Worth every penny!

    1. Thanks! I mean they got pretty expensive by the time I had them altered, but yeah, still worth it!

  2. Dang Yahkee fan gear!!! Lol 😜

  3. Whoa those half chaps are pretty rad! :D

  4. aww that boot is really unique yet stylish, love love :)