Thursday, September 1, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Um... It's 1 AM and thus Thursday. What's up Wednesday FAIL! Whatevs, we can still talk about what's up!
It was a crazy weekend around here! Friday I rode the boys after work, and then headed over to a braiding job. I was super excited one of the horses was my old buddy Linus! He's the horse I borrowed two years ago to get my points to win a year end award. He's the best <3
I think I was more excited to see him than he was to see me... But he was quite easy to braid given the napping.
Both horses came out nicely. I couldn't believe I got 41 braids in the other guy! That's a lot.

After braiding I climbed into bed pretty quickly (it was almost 2 am), because the puggers had an 8:20 vet appt. Prior to said appointment, we needed to collect some... err.... samples for testing. So we headed out at 7:15 for a quick walk.

They both got an excellent report. Except for the part when they had to get their nails clipped. But, well, that's pugs for you.
After the vet it was off to trainer's to ride Badger!
Clearly he was very excited. We switched him to a different bit, and I really thought he was a lot happier in it. We've always had him in a bit with two joints, like a french link type. But now he's wearing a slow twist with just one joint, and he's SO MUCH BETTER! He's not playing around with his face nearly as much, and he kept a really nice steady contact. I can't wait to jump him in it. He's off to Saugerties for the next couple of weeks, but trainer and I have been talking about some boot camp for Badger and me after that. I ran a few errands after riding, and then had to rush to get the rest of the herd worked. It was just a flat day for Jampy, and that's all that Romey does anyway. Rio had a nice handwalk.
After ponies was lobster fest! Funny anecdote: There was a woman there who I haven't met before, and she said, "Oh you ride horses right?" I said yes. And she went on to tell me (and I quote), "When I was younger I rode all the time! I rode Arabians, and Morgans. And also Stallions! I did! I loved them all." Ok lady... I'm still not sure if she thinks stallions are a breed or if she just thinks it's impressive to ride a stallion?
Lobster fest is always a great time, but I'm still mourning the loss of my leftovers.

It was another late night which I'm getting far too old for. Sunday was more riding all the horses. I started with Badger, who was great again! I really like that new bit. Next, Romes just flatted... and who am I'm kidding? I think most of it was walking. We're having a little trouble seeing eye to eye on some things. For example: working. He thinks he shouldn't have to do that. I disagree. I'll let you know how that plays out in the coming weeks...
Jampy and I had the BEST jump school! Since he's been at best "serviceably sound" this season, we've kept the jumps low. But he's feeling pretty good these days, so I put them up a little. The out of the combination I set at 3'6" and I put the outside single up to 3'. Which for some reason looked way bigger. Clearly, I need to jump more!
Here I am not releasing, but look at those knees!

Releasing while also standing in my stirrups... But again, KNEES!

Biggest three foot vertical ever. And more standing in my stirrups.
He wasn't spooky at all which is so rare. I hope I can get another day or two with that Jamp before his autumn/winter brain comes out. Jamp doesn't really do the colder seasons....
Rio's legs were looking pretty good, so I decided to take him for a tack walk in the ring, and then out in the yard for some grass with his new bridle. He seems to love being able to graze while we ride without having a bit in the way.

After tucking the ponies in (Jampy even got wraps since he jumped "so big") it was off to the local fair with my mom!
We started out by eating all the things. Then we wandered over toward the midway to play some games. We wound up bumping into my brother, sister-in-law and my nieces! What a nice surprise! There's not much better than little kids at a fair. Keira even asked if Aunty Stacie would take her on the Carousel. Obviously! I will tell you, carousels are a whole lot more fun when you ride a pony. It's just kind of spinny when you're standing up. I let Keira's mom take her on the little roller coaster:

They were heading home after that. My brother has a very short attention span when it comes to anything that's not a computer. Mom and I decided to go visit the animals. We started with bunnies. I was thisclose to taking one home. Then I remembered I can't afford any more vet bills. But maybe someday? Bunnies are SO CUTE! We finished out our trip to the fair with some horse pulls. Check these guys out:

This photo does no justice to the actual size of this guy's chest. His buddy that he pulls with was visiting with the horse next to them while I took this photo, and his handler got all worked up when there was some squealing. I was like oh horses... And he was all, "these are 50 thousand dollar horses!"  Eye roll buddy.

It's been a busy week at work so far but not too busy for some important time with the puggers.

And that's what's up this Wednesday  Thursday. What's up with you?!


  1. My dog Rocky is funny about being groomed -- he gets ALL excited to go, and then doesn't want to stay, haha

    1. They're all "Yay FRIENDS!!!" But then, "oh noooooo.... clippers!!!"

  2. Moe is a fan of single-joint bits. He listens better and seems less distracted in a single-joint. Gina is definitely a double-joint kind of horse. It's funny how they're all so different from each other!

    1. It's funny isn't it? I mean the whole concept of two joints does APPEAR to be more comfortable. But what do I know?

  3. I love going to the fair. Those drafts are huge. I love big draft horses.

    1. Me too!
      They were ENORMOUS! Not super tall, but I swear they were as wide as they were tall!