Thursday, September 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

We already discussed all some of the annoying things from the last few days... So that doesn't leave a whole lot to talk about for What's Up Wednesday! Ha! My life isn't terribly exciting most of the time. But we can chat about the ponies.
I'll preface said discussion with the disclaimer that I have called my vet and am waiting to hear when he can come out to see everyone... Point number 2: if any of you see me mention anything about getting a young horse, please stop me. Please.

Not to sound conceited, but how good does Romey look?! I might be a mediocre rider, but I can fatten up a horse! For reference, the photo below was the weekend he arrived back in November:
As for the rest of him, he's still off. I can't tell if it's up front or behind, so I'm not sure if it's the same injury we've been nursing or if it's something new. He's not horribly lame, but I know he's not 100%. So until doc makes it out, it's light walk-trot work for us still. He also has a patch of hives on his neck that he's had since spring. My vets suggested a supplement and adding local honey to his diet, both of which he's getting, but the hives are still there. They don't seem to bother him, but they're really bothering me. I mean that's a long time to have hives! He's been a good boy this week though, with no whirly birds under saddle! Good pony!

Jampy had a tough weekend. Sometimes he's so perfect, and other times his brain comes loose from his skull and he just. can't. even. This weekend was mostly him not being able to even. He's such a good boy deep down though, he does everything you ask of him while giving you only about 3% of his attention. It's a real skill. Needless to say, we stuck to flat work. I mean, even the jumps weren't into it:
I'm really going to have to buy new jumps in the spring.
The most handsome man in all the land was HILARIOUS this weekend. It was cool and a bit windy, and he was feeling sassy. And by that I mean he pricked his ears and wiggled his butt a little.  He's the best ever. As a side note, I thought we were doing really well with his diet, but this photo suggests otherwise. It's ok Rio, mommy's chubby too. We're just well prepared for winter.
A few weeks ago, at his last shoeing, my farrier moved Rio into a regular shoe on his left front. He's been wearing a z-bar for several months now and his hoof capsule is getting all wonky from it. He needs the z-bar because his foot is sinking from old age. It's nothing like founder or anything horrible like that, but he gets foot sore very easily in one part of his hoof. You might remember last summer when he wound up with proud flesh in that spot.The z-bar keeps all pressure off that section of his hoof, but unfortunately it's changing the shape of his foot and making his heels really uneven. He seemed to be doing ok in the regular shoe until a few days ago. My farrier, unfortunately is away until tomorrow and Rio is getting pretty uncomfortable. Fingers crossed he gets patched up tomorrow when our farrier gets back!

This guy... I love that face! I want to see it more! Anyway, I already mentioned my complete inability to ride this little trouble maker, but I didn't tell you the funniest story... So my trainer's mare Cara has been out on a lease since the winter, but she's just returned. As a result, Mr Badger now has a neighbor immediately next to him in the barn. My trainer's stalls just have bars between the horses so they can see each other. Badger finds it 100% necessary that his neighbor be paying attention to him at all times. ALL TIMES! His neighbor however, could really care less about him. The result?
He now has a padded stall. Apparently, when Artie is ignoring him, Badger will kick the wall repeatedly to get attention. I'm not really sure if the padding is for Badger's sake so he doesn't get hurt, for Artie so he doesn't have to listen to it, or for the wall for obvious reasons.  I didn't ask.
Other than playing with ponies, I really didn't do anything else this weekend. The Pugs and I did a lot of this:
And this pretty much sums up What's Up Wednesday: