Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! I'm a little late getting this post up, but better late than never! We had a big wig corporate boss coming to visit today so I had to actually dress like a professional. The horror! You may want to turn the brightness down on your screen, my legs are out today... and they're pretty blinding.
No, I'm not wearing white stockings. #riderproblems

Dress: Modcloth
This isn't actually a branded Modcloth dress, but I can't read what the tag says so we'll just go with that. I bought this YEARS ago, but have only worn it a few times. It keeps getting lost in the bottom of the dry cleaning pile. So it gets worn every year or so when I finally get around to dry cleaning it. I love the hot pink accents on it. Brings a little excitement to an otherwise tame dress.

Cardigan: Express
About 100 or so years ago, Express was selling cashmere. It was a glorious time because it wasn't crazy expensive. This little cardigan was from my Mom for Chanukah that year. It's a little small if I were to try and close it, but it works great as a shrug. Bonus that the pink is almost exactly the same shade as the dress accents.

Shoes: Dolce Vita
This outfit is legit vintage now that I'm thinking about it! Everything is super old. Haha! These shoes are from Little Black Bag back before the merger that took its life. I'm embarrassed to admit, though I've had these for years, this is the first time I've worn them. Not sure why, they're amazing! So comfy, and full of cute details. I like that they're cute and sweet in the front and dangerous and spikey in the back. It's like a shoe mullet. But in a good way. Sorry about the blinding feet and legs folks. They very rarely see the sun. Obviously.

Arm Party!!!
Who knew I had so many items in this somewhat insane shade of pink?! I can't even remember where this bracelet came from, but I have a feeling it was the result of needing a few more dollars for free shipping somewhere. It's a little big, but works just fine behind the giant apple watch.

I had so much fun dressing righty today! I chose one gray and one black snakeskin bangle to match the dress (both are vintage, I think 70's era Italian bracelets). Then I added a pink and gold elephant bracelet from Stella and Dot along with an orange leather and chain bracelet from Fornash to match the shoes. I love how righty ties the whole outfit together!

I have a riding outfit to share too! Remember when I said there was more than one pair of those crazy half chaps in my possession?? Well...
Here is pair number two! Turns out pair number 4 didn't get altered while it was away so those may have to move on to a new skinnier owner... Anyway, let's look closer at the outfit!

Polo shirt: Hollister
There's a Hollister outlet near me, and honestly I don't go in much. All the clothes are so tiny it makes me a little sad. But at some point I got this chocolate brown polo, and I do really love it. It's not cut like some of their other clothes, so it actually fits!

Belt: Ralph Lauren
It has a horseshoe buckle and so I had to own it.

Breeches: Annie's Equestrian
I really love the Annie's breeches. They're so soft and comfy. The colors are super fun too! If you haven't tried them yet, you're totally missing out.

Half Chaps: No brand
Paddock Boots: Ariat
Pair number two is a little bigger on top that the pair number 1. But they do stay put pretty well, so I have no complaints. They're so fun and different I can overlook the odd fit. At least for now. Once they break in, they may not stay put as well, but I'll cross that path when it's an issue. It's hard to see in this photo, but the purple background on here is actually metallic. It would be way too crazy if there was more of it, but I think it's subtle enough to be awesome.
Pardon my beat up old Ariat paddock boots. They are on their last days as the soles are coming off. I have a pair in reserve though, so fear not!

That's what I'm wearing today! Any favorites? What do you have on?


  1. I want you to come organize and live in my closet and give me dressing discipline. Cute stuff!

    1. That would be so FUN! I really should have been a personal shopper.

  2. I need to own some of those half chaps! Where did you get them?

    1. I got them on ebay! Truthfully, the fit is totally weird. I had to have them taken in, and they're still kind of too big and short behind the knee. But the price was right, so I'm happy!

    2. Do you by chance remember the seller? Or whatever you searched to find them? 😊

    3. Here's the link for you:

      They're on sale too!

    4. Also, they came with fringe, but I had it taken off when I had them taken in.

    5. Oh my gosh thank you! And yes, the fringe needs to go haha.

    6. Well dang, I really fell in love with the teal pair you had in last week's post, and I'm only finding them in white, purple and pink. I'll have to keep an eye on this seller's items 😎

    7. Maybe send them a message? I'm not sure on this, but they might actually be the ones making them, so maybe they could make you a pair.

    8. It certainly couldn't hurt to try! Thanks again 😀

  3. Love that dress! I have been wanting those purple Annie's breeches for a long time... how do you find the fit?

    1. Thank you!
      The Annie's run very true to size. I sized up the first time I ordered, but really didn't need to. They are very soft and very stretchy. I find them a touch too long, but I'm short. I know your'e tall so they should be great on you!