Thursday, September 8, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Today definitely didn't go as planned! It was a crazy day at work, but when I got home and ready to ride, things took a weird turn. I got Jampy out on the crossties and noticed he was breathing hard. Odd. He'd been a little annoyed with the bugs, so I thought maybe he'd worked himself up? So I fly sprayed him and went about sweeping up the shavings he'd dragged out of the stall. When I was done, I was hoping he'd be breathing normally. Nope. Hmmm. So I took his temp. 102.9. Crap. Called the vet. Vet thinks it's most likely something tick borne since he hasn't been off the property, hasn't had any shots or injections, and has pretty much been exposed to nothing. I gave him some banamine per doc's orders, and a couple hours later the fever was completely gone. Let's hope it stays gone! I'll know more in the morning. In the meantime, he seems quite fine. He ate all his food, drank water, and is pooping normally. Very strange.
I think he heard me suggest we might go to a horse show in a couple weeks... He also knew that I have Yankee tickets for tomorrow night, and he's excited to foil my plans. If his fever is still down in the morning, I may go. But if not, I'll have to skip the game. Obviously my boy comes first! But I'll be pretty sad to miss the game. This is the snoopy giveaway game that I attend every year with some friends. This will be our 8th year in a row! Or would be... we shall see.
But that's just today! Let's catch up on the past week.
Romey grabbed his heel the other day, so he spent a few days wearing one of these:
Thankfully he was sound on it, so we were still able to ride. I definitely want to get some more of those Back On Track hoof wraps though. So much easier than wrapping the foot this way. Plus I think they stay on better. He had these things destroyed every morning.
I made absolutely no plans for the long weekend. It was glorious! Badger is away showing in Saugerties, so it was just me and the boys at home! Jampy had a couple really great schools. I think, now that summer is over, we're finally getting back to normal.

Saturday I spent some time making the horses look like show horses instead of homeless nags. Everyone had their fetlocks clipped, noses trimmed, and manes shortened and braided over. They are looking much more loved.
I only got a picture of Rio though! Oops. Speaking of Rio, his legs are finally looking a lot better, so I got on and tack walked him Saturday and Sunday. He and I both enjoyed it!
Monday was the day off for the ponies. I gave my helpers the day off too, so I did barn chores in the morning. I had hoped to have that done before the farrier arrived, but I was a little too slow. So we took a turnout intermission for new shoes.
After barn time was finally finished, I banished myself to the living room and my laptop for the rest of the day. I was SUPER behind on getting my reviews up over at Beeju Boxes so I wanted to get caught up. Check a couple of them out here:
Brick Builder's Club
The rest haven't published yet, but there will be a Heart to Horse box up, Bon Apetit Box, and another Brick Builder's Club so check back tomorrow!
As for the pugs... they've been doing a lot of this:
Finally I joined them:
And that's about all that's up this Wednesday! Keep your fingers crossed that Jampy is all better in the morning. Poor boy.
What's up with you this Wednesday? How was your long weekend?