Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday's Threads

OUTFIT DAY! Finally! It's also Friday eve, so that's always a bonus. I only have one outfit today because I took last night off from riding. I was feeling under the weather, it was cold, damp and super windy. Not a recipe for success. But in lieu of a riding outfit today, I wore unicorns. Fair compromise? I think yes.
Maybe some day I'll be a real adult. Today, however is not that day. Funny story, I have random toys all over my office. Sometimes I get McDonalds for lunch, and to try and minimize the damage I get a kids meal, because the portions are small. And then I get a toy. So they're on my credenza. I also have a stuffed turtle sporting some of our products. A couple weeks ago our CEO flew in and he said he liked me office mate, referring to the turtle... I said, "yeah... I'm not very mature." He laughed. Thankfully. No pink slip yet ;) Anyway, back to outfit day!

Cardigan: Asos
I'm quite sure I have this same sweater in a pull over, but it is temporarily in an undisclosed location... Hopefully it discloses itself soon, as I really have no idea what I did with it. Asos gets the cutest stuff, and unicorn elbow patches are impossible not to add to cart.

T-shirt: Worn By
This company is pretty neat. They recreate items worn by rock stars. I'm not sure who wore this unicorn print before me, but they have great taste... Hopefully it wasn't Hannah Montana. Ha.

Belt: Mane Jane
Do you guys believe I don't have a unicorn belt buckle? I may have to work on that. Mane Jane is always a good choice though, so here she is!

Jeans: Seven
Just your basic denim. I've had these forever, and you've seen them many, many times. And before you even ask, of COURSE I have Unicorn print jeans. But I thought maybe it was too much. See, I do have some restraint!

Shoes: Asos
Well... only some restraint. But these are shiny and sparkly and have a unicorn on them so how could I not? I got these along with the cardigan. I mean if you're going to have Unicorns on your elbows, you should also have them on your feet. Fact.

Bag: Sleepyville Critters
Heehee... Had to.

Arm party!
Lefty took a somewhat mature approach today. First up is a vintage snakeskin bangle I found on Ebay. The middle bracelet is one I found on Zulily. It is reminiscent of those super pricey Hermes bangles, but it was only $20. And of course by now you recognize my apple watch.

Righty has a bracelet I made up first. SnapFish had a big sale and the custom slider beads were 60% off. I thought the photos I altered with the Prisma app would make awesome slider charms, and I was totally right... You can't see them all, but all four horses and both Pugs are on there. I found the leather bracelet on Etsy, and love the purple with the filter I chose. Next up is a spike bracelet from BaubleBar. I think the spikes look like baby unicorn horns. And lastly is my Kate Spade carousel horse bracelet that I had to have once Lauren from She Moved To Texas made me aware of its existence. I won't tell you how much I spent on it... That's more of a story for Truthful Tuesday...

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on?


  1. Oooh love it!! I noticed the rad pug phone case too :P

    1. Thank you! That's my hipster pug case! I love the glasses!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yes, everyone should have a unicorn outfit or two in their closet.

  3. Love love love the unicorn stuff!!

  4. nice post thanks for sharing