Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! My riding outfit wasn't overly exciting yesterday but it was cozy at least! Much needed given it was 39 degrees. Gross.

I also wore a coat outside for actual riding. Cause 39 degrees.

Helmet: One K
I'm kind of sad they don't make the snakeskin helmets anymore. I want to have one forever.

Sweatshirt: American Eagle
This is the warmest most snuggly thing I've ever owned. And surprisingly, the hay and shavings don't stick too badly. BONUS!

Belt: Mane Jane
I just went with the gunmetal buckle and plain black strap.

I wore these for Thursday's Threads pretty recently and couldn't remember the brand... And then I forgot to look again. So sorry, I can't remember who makes these!

Boots: DeNiro
Sorry about the mud... it's been raining a lot, and I was too lazy to clean them off first. These bad boys are about 90% broken in and I love them just as much as the blue ones!

That's what I wore last night. Shiny wore a completely mismatched outfit last night, and would be MORTIFIED if she knew I was sharing with you guys...

She's wearing her navy butt cover from Horze that I had to unpack! Grrr. Thankfully it was right on top. I would prefer to use it with her navy pad, but that was clean and packed too, so I just used the black one. She wore her rose gold Punk Ponies front boots and a bridle you guys haven't seen yet. It's by Camelot so it was SUPER cheap, but I really like it. I have one for Pammon also. It has the wide noseband that's popular in hunter land these days, and both horses have their new Boy-O-Boy browbands attached. BOB has a stock one that's pretty close to the boarding barns colors, so grabbed one for each of them. Eros already had one. Back to the Camelot bridle for a second... It's the RCS version which stands for recessed crown strap. Thus not a monocrown. Anyway, the leather is actually pretty decent, especially for the price. And it took oil nicely too. Once oiled, it's very soft. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a prettier bridle on a budget.

Ok, back to outfit day. Here's what I have on at work today:
 Pretty simple for the most part, but I kinda like how it all came together!

Sweater: Le Lis
I got this from an online shop called All the Pretty Pieces. They're going to be scaling down their business soon, so if you'd like to grab one, head to their website this weekend and snag it on sale!

Belt: Unkown brand
I found this orange ostrich embossed belt strap on Ebay years ago. It works with Hermes buckles and with Mane Jane's. I don't wear it a ton, but it's fun with this sweater!

Jeans: Lucky Brand
Marshall's and TJ Maxx had these on clearance awhile back, and I stocked up on them... Lucky Brand fit me nicely, and when you find jeans you like, you should get a few!

Sneakers: Puma
Here is where you'll start to see the theme of today's outfit... It's a little tough to tell in the photo, but those are Gummy Bears printed on these shoes!

Purse: Coach
Coach made a line with these "vandal gummy bears" printed on things... I couldn't resist when I started building my Gummy Bear outfit. This pouch is pretty huge and works as a purse for me.

Arm Party!
Lefty stayed with the orange trend from the  belt and the vandal gummy with this leather bracelet from Hermes. I love that these clasps came with multiple straps so you can mix things up!

Righty is donning a paint splatter band for the Fitbit. The colors worked nicely with everything else! The other three bracelets have gummy bears on them, and they all came from Baublebar. And yes, I totally want to eat them! But they're hard plastic so do not recommend.

And that's it for today! What do you think of the gummies?! What are you wearing today? Have you switched to the winter wardrobe, or still working with fall?


  1. Very cute - 'tis the season for buffalo check, fleece and gummy bears! :-)

    1. Definitely buffalo check season! I'm sure there will be lots more of it to come!

  2. Oh man it really is getting to be quarter sheet season isn’t it, bleh.....

    1. It is! Today started at 55 and it will be 28 by the time I get to ride tonight. UGH!