Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

There is SO MUCH new and exciting over here! And it was a really fun long weekend too. Before I recap all my fun and games, I'll start with the most exciting news (other than the horse shopping I talked about yesterday). I said last week that I would get to ride my neighbor's horse Eddie once a week. Well, the other amateur that was helping to ride him is pregnant and doesn't want to ride any more until after she has the baby. So I get to ride him twice a week now! And not only that, I'm going to get to show him too!
Eddie's mom sent me a short clip of us cantering the other day, but it was sideways. I grabbed a couple screen shots though.

They're super blurry, but you can tell he's a cutie. And weird to see me on a chestnut, huh? I rode him again on Monday, and jumped a few small jumps. I really like him. He's super chill, and not easily offended. We're planning to take him to a show in a few weeks. Probably mostly do flat classes and maybe a hunter warm up. If that goes well, we might jump too. We'll see. He's not all that young, but was a dressage horse up until a few months ago. So he's pretty green over fences. Honest though! I get to ride him again tonight.

Ok, now we can go back and talk about all the fun and games that is a holiday weekend. Friday was surprisingly busy at work, and then I spent the evening with the tall kids.
View from our handwalk
Saturday I FINALLY got to go to my first Yankee game of the season.
 I know. Took me the whole season to get there. I always go with my co worker and his wife, and one of their friends. Unfortunately the friend couldn't go, but we brought along a flat version of him.

So I'm always excited to go to a game, partially for the game,
but also for the FOOD. And this time was no exception. I was most looking forward to the new milkshakes they had.
Clearly, I've found my  happy place.
I chose the smore's one (the one on the left with the marshmallows). While the accoutrements were lovely, the milkshake wasn't a milkshake at all. It was just soft serve ice cream. You really had to wait for it to melt before you could drink it. So it was kind of disappointing. Not to say I wouldn't get one again. I mean it is a glass full of sugar and fat. Yum!
Oh we found Waldo while we were there too!
Getting to the stadium, watching the game (and binging on artery clogging food), and getting home pretty much takes your whole day. So the boys didn't have walks that day. But they had their small paddock turnouts in the morning, so don't worry. They weren't neglected! Their horse sitter gave them groomies too before dinner.
Since Saturday was eaten up, Sunday was a day for getting things done. I got up at a reasonable hour and went to run a few errands. Then it was time to spoil the ponies (and do their laundry). We did mega groomies and had nice walks. Both boys are starting to put weight back on, so that's making me happy.
Rio <3

Jampy <3
It's still been way too hot to take the pups for a road walk. But we played out on the grass for a bit in the afternoon.

And of course I had to have dinner at the lake.
I spent the rest of the evening straightening up the house and doing laundry. I'm wild like that.
I was honestly really excited to have Monday off. I got up early to do the barn first thing. I'm the world's slowest stall cleaner so the boys had nice long turnouts. I figured I probably wouldn't walk them later because it was supposed to be sweltering hot out, so better to let them have outside time early while it was still bearable.

Originally, I had planned to go ride Eddie once I was done with the barn, but we decided to wait until the sun was lower. Worked out nicely because a friend stopped by and we went over to the lake for lunch. Nice to catch up!
After lunch, the pugs and I hung by the pool for a bit.
Then it was Eddie time! I rode him the first time in my Hermes saddle and this time in the Voltaire. And honestly, it slipped way back on him, and I wasn't all that comfortable. I'm not sure I love it as much as I did originally. I'm probably going to hold on to it until after I get my next horse, but if I don't love it on him, then I'll sell it. Anyway, Eddie was great, despite the heat! After Eddie, I ran home to feed the horses and shower, and then was off to family dinner. Which is where I got the go ahead to start horse shopping for my step mom.

And I guess you probably all want to know what I broke down and bought during the Labor Day sales. For the most part I was fairly well behaved. I did order a new pair of Regals from Riding Warehouse ($134! How could I not?). I was humming and hawing about possibly getting the rose gold One K, but they weren't actually allowed to discount it, and didn't have the size I needed in stock. So I passed.... But then (you knew that was coming didn't you?) I was on the Big Dee's site and they had the wide brim one marked down to $232. I've always been really against the wide brim helmets. I just think they look weird. But I'm also a sheep and everyone loves them. So I thought I'd give it a try. Plus they had it in stock! It arrived yesterday (so fast!).

I definitely think it looks like a UFO. But I like it! The rose gold is subtle, but very pretty. And as always the One K is very comfortable on my head.
So that's what's up this Wednesday! This little blog is finally getting horsey again! So glad you all stuck around while I floundered through not riding regularly.
How was your long weekend? Do anything fun? Go to a show? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. You and Eddie look great together!! So excited for you guys that you're doing a show :) Also that milkshake pic made me have serious cravings haha

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to get to know him.
      I kind of want one right now...

  2. Eddie is cute. But how dare you say that the milkshake was kind of disappointing. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.

    1. Well it's just that it was actually an ice cream sundae and not a milkshake. So maybe the better adjective is misleading.

  3. Super excited for you!! What a fun weekend. All horses and ice cream look yummy

  4. Sounds like a super fun weekend! And Eddie! Yeah! Hope you get to have fun with him this fall! No shows for me - I'm done for the season. Just hung out at the pool at home and tried not to melt!

    This post makes me miss NYC! haven't been in ages and have never been to a Yankees game, but have taken the train into the city with the fans. :-) The ice cream/milkshake thing looks awesome and I would've totally tried to take the glass that it came in home!!!

    1. I realized today I had to renew my memberships! Haha! Glad it rolls over now at least.
      The glass is actually plastic! You do get to keep it!

    2. Cool that the glass is plastic! - cuts down on my potential crime spree, but also keeps me out of jail! lol

    3. Haha!Eh, they'd probably let you go with a warning ;)

  5. Yay that is so awesome you get to ride Eddie twice a week and get to show him!

    1. I'm really excited to have some regular saddle time.