Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Well... There's not much to talk about today, cause there's just not that much happening up here. It's been cloudy and rainy all week, which I can't complain too much about since it's raining and not snowing. So that part is lovely-ish.

The horses are all good. I think they're already bored with winter, so hopefully things will thaw out and dry up enough for us to do some work at some point soon. Hahaha! Maybe? In the meantime, Rio and Jamp have been enjoying lots of grooming, while Romey has decided that is some kind of horrible torture. Poor Romey. We haven't taken any selfies, but maybe we will this weekend just so you don't forget what my horses look like.

There's a new barn that was just completed and moved into about ten minutes up the road from me. It has a nice sized indoor and the trainer is friends with my trainer. My trainer's baby horse was born there. He's out of the mare I got to show a couple years ago at WEF, Candy. Here they are enjoying a not too cold winter day in the paddock:

 I stopped over on Sunday finally to say hello and get the grand tour. I decided to schedule a lesson for this week so I can remember how to jump before I head back to Florida in February. If it goes well, I'll take a few more. I need all the practice! ALL OF IT! My lesson is tonight, so maybe I'll have something to talk about next week!

Because I'm full of great ideas, I decided to attend our company workout class last night after work. I mean it's a great plan to get physically tortured the day before my first riding lesson in forever right? Sure, totally good idea. The class wasn't terrible, but I had thought it might be more fun. I know, how could exercise be fun? I dunno, I was just hopeful. We did butt kicks and high knees, squats and wall sits, crunches and planks, plus some other stuff I don't know the name of. I had trouble with wall sits, oddly because I've done them before without issue. But I am super out of shape I guess. Today my legs are sore, but my abs and arms are in pretty good shape. I guess I know what needs work! Thankfully I have no media from class. Maybe some other time. If I go back. Ha.

Have you guys heard of the website Used Horse Stuff? It works like ThredUp, which is a consignment clothing site. You request a clean out bag, and they send you a good sized sturdy bag you can fill with your stuff you don't want. It has a label on it already, so just leave it for the mail carrier, and it heads back to Used Horse Stuff. They then price and list your stuff for you on their site. I believe if it sells you get 60%. I'm not sure if it's a great deal, but I had a ton of jackets and random stuff I wasn't using and have been too lazy to sell or donate on my own. So I packed up a bag and sent it in this weekend. We'll see if anything sells! If you're interested in trying it out, use this link to request a bag. Please put my name in the referral blank, and I'll get a $10 credit if you send your bag back to be sold. Or you could buy my stuff, that would be better. I think they list new things on Fridays, so my items aren't going to be up there just yet.

It's a good sized bag, Pia for size reference
Seriously, that's all I have for today. Winter is boring. Have you done anything fun or exciting this week? Do you do workout classes? Have anything else we can chat about? Talk to me in the comments! I shall leave you with some sleeping Pugs.


  1. Ooh, I like that website! I have several things I need to get rid of, but have been putting it off until I can get decent photos of them. (Which is not real high on my list of things to do.) I might have to check this out!

    1. I'm hoping it works well! And if not, at least all that stuff is out of my house!

  2. All I read in the first half of the post is that you just need to move to Florida already!

    1. Haha! Right? For the winter months at the very least!