Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! I have been waiting all week for outfit day because I couldn't wait to wear this outfit. COULD. NOT. WAIT. But I did. I waited, and I saved it for today so I could share it. AND I have a riding outfit too! Yay! We'll start with my work outfit though, cause I can't wait any more.
Unfortunately, it was cloudy and icky out so this photo is terrible. But you can sorta get the idea. I was excited to wear this because of the sweater. And the boots. But mostly the sweater since it's the newest. I'll tell you more in the sweater section.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
I saw this sweater at the Ralph Lauren outlet months ago, but it was stupid expensive so I couldn't have it. I saw it there again more recently on sale, but still it was stupid expensive. So I couldn't have it. Then, this past weekend I went to the outlets specifically to go to Vera Bradley for a planner (and they didn't have any, fail!) which happens to be right across the way from Ralph Lauren. So you know... I stopped in. AND MY SWEATER WAS ON CLEARANCE! $40! That's reasonable. So I got to work hunting down my size. And all that was left was XS. NO. But I thought, you know, it could work. So I got it. And it's PERFECT! I mean, I'm no extra small by any means. But apparently neither is the sweater. Cause, you know. It's PERFECT! I have a cami under it that matches my pants, just in case that cute safety pin doesn't do it's job though.
Pants: Love, Fire
I'm not sure if you've seen these pants or not? I found them in Florida at Marshalls. They're very comfy, and they're actually not denim, so it's almost like I'm dressed up today! Almost. As you can probably see, they are covered in sweater fuzz. But that was nothing compared to how much fuzz is on them now. Ok, so maybe the sweater is slightly imperfect, but whatever. I love it along with it's shedding.

Belt: No brand
I got this braided elastic belt, much the same as the ones from Hunt Club and Sporthorse Lifestyle, from ebay for 3.99. With free shipping. I love that it's almost my barn colors!

Boots: Donald Pliner
I've shown you these bad boys before. I was so excited when I got them last year, I'm pretty sure I did a post about them. I still love them. They might be my most favorite pair of boots... possibly tied with my other pair from Donald Pliner (the blue crocodile ones if you've been around awhile). Long story short, I love Donald Pliner and I want all of his boots please.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing an awesome Ebay find. This enamel buckle bracelet is by Gucci, and I got it for under $30. The listing said it had some scratches, but I really can't find any. Good enough for me! I think it goes nicely with the apple watch too.

First up on Righty is a mixed media friendship bracelet from Nakamol. This was from the giant shopping spree I went on when Little Black Bag was shutting down. Next is an Hermes inspired bangle, followed by a green braided leather bracelet. It might look familiar if you read What's Up Wednesday this week. I made a pair of spur straps that look exactly like it. I had enough left over to make a bracelet too. I figured it would be a decent test to see if the glue holds for the spur straps. So far so good! It will also fit my photo beads, so I can dress it up if I feel like it too!

Ok, now on to my riding outfit from the other day!
I didn't snap any pics with boots on, but I just wore my old faithful Regal boots. So you're not missing anything exciting.

Breeches: Ovation
I really wish I could remember what model these are because they are the most comfy breeches I own. They're older, and don't have the euro seat, so they're totally uncool. But I don't care about that. 'Cause comfy for the WIN!

Shirt: Ariat
My step mom went crazy at the local tack store during Chanukah. You might remember she got me the button down shirt with horses on it and the matching cable knit sweater. This top was also in the gift bag. It's one of the coolmax ventilated ones but has horses all over! Definitely a fan. I wore it for Saturday's lesson.

Belt: Burberry
I just grabbed the first black belt I saw, but if I'd had time to think about it, I probably still would have picked this one. I think that jumping horse with the knight is pretty awesome.

So that's what I'm wearing today (and last Saturday). What about you? Find any great bargains after the holidays? Have a favorite item from today?


  1. Lookin fab as always! I love that RL sweater, glad you were able to get it (at a great price too!)

    1. Thank you! Me too!!! I would wear it every day if I thought no one would notice.


    1. Thanks! It was a great find! Check your nearest Ralph Lauren outlet :)