Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

I think many of us can agree to feeling a bit like this after recent current events:
So to counter that, I bring you a tale of horse poop and windex wipes.
Last night after work I went into the barn to feed and wrap Rio. Rio is notorious for having some runny poo, which often winds up in his tail. It's pretty gross, but what can you do? He's on Equiotics as well as some fancy stuff from my vet, but it happens. Anyway, back to wrapping Rio... So when I tied Rio's tail up to wrap him, I of course got poop on me. Ew. I wiped it off on his blanket... (ha, sorry buddy, but you sleep in the poop anyway, you won't even notice) and finished the task. Then I went about sweeping up and feeding.
Once the chores were done, I headed off to the grocery store. Thankfully while in the car, I realized my hands still stunk like horse poo, since clearly I'm disgusting and forgot to wash them. Ugh. I can't go touching food with poop on me. But alas, I have no baby wipes in the car. Know what I did have? Windex wipes. Yep. I washed my hands with Windex wipes. It did the job, the poo and the smell were gone! I was also streak free.
Have you ever had to resort to extreme measures to pretend like you have some general sense of hygiene?


  1. Ask your vet about a compounded Rx called clioquinol. My horse has had runny manure for years and I had spent a ridiculous amount of money and had given up on fixing it until my vet had the clioquinol prepared by the compounding pharmacy in paste form and within 1 day her manure was perfect. Occasionally I repeat a course of it if her manure goes gets runny again but it has made a huge difference and I save so much time not having to deal with runny manure on her butt, tail and everything else.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll talk to him!