Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Heh... This one's pretty funny. We got a little bit of snow Saturday night, so Sunday I took Jorge (my new truck) out to run my errands. When I came out of the dog food store, there was a truck that looked JUST LIKE Bruce (it's entirely possible that it was him) parked near me. So I was staring somewhat obviously at the other truck whilst attempting to climb into Jorge. Do you see where this is going?
You guys. I SLAMMED my head into the door frame on my way in. I have a small (thankfully it's small!) bruise and egg on my head.
I feel like that guy in the phone commercial who walks into the door. I'm hoping the people in the other truck didn't notice.
Oh, and I have one more. I'd like to blame this one on the mild head injury, but honestly I don't think they're related. I stopped at the store last night to get some groceries and carrots for the boys. I'm in there, picking out my carrots, when I realize my wallet is in the car. Had to abandon my carrots temporarily to go get my wallet. I mean, at least I realized before it was time to pay I guess. But sheesh. Focus Stacie!
Have you ever managed to wound yourself for no reason other than lack of attention to what you're doing? Gone shopping with no method of payment? Do anything else equally silly?


  1. I was waiting for you to say you tried to go climb in the Bruce look-alike truck but your key wouldn't work 😂 definitely did that with my husband's car at the gym the other day. Went and stood by a silver car waiting for him to unlock the door and it was definitely the wrong car... Oops!

    1. Ha! Funny you say that! When I was a kid, my step mom (the first one, not the current one) had the same car (color and everything!) as one of the pony moms at the barn. And she totally tried to drive off in the wrong one more than once.