Thursday, October 4, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! As I mentioned yesterday, it's been busy around here! But mostly good things. Today's post will focus on all the good and fun stuff.
I actually didn't ride at all last week. The weather wasn't cooperative during the week, and I had plans to go away with my family for the weekend. But fear not, I've been back in the saddle this week!
But first, vacation. Our plan for the weekend was to fly to Nantucket Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday. We had to wait for my niece to get home from school before leaving. Originally I was supposed to have a dr's appointment Friday morning, so I took the whole day off. But then my appointment was canceled so I had a free morning! Yay! I was going to ride Eddie and get the boys walked, but it wound up pouring rain so none of that happened. The boys got groomed though so that's something at least.

Charter plane this time, one of the other partners was using dad's.
We left just a little later than planned, but the flight is only thirty minutes so we arrived at a reasonable hour. Dropped our stuff in the houses, and headed out for an early dinner at the Nantucket Lobster Trap.
When we went last year they had already closed for the season, so I'm glad we made it this time! We always go in the off season, since the houses are rented out the rest of the time. It can be a little hit or miss what's open. But you know what's always been open for us?
Yep, the ice cream place. They have the best ice cream. I asked for extra sprinkles and they totally delivered.
That was pretty much it for day one.

Saturday was our only full day, and we really didn't have much planned. We had a late brunch, and then wandered around town some and did a little shopping. It was the most relaxed day. AND it was sunny and warm. Pretty much perfect really. We had dinner out again, and then lazed around the house and watched a movie together.
My brother and sister-in-law were attending a 1 pm wedding back home on Sunday, so we had to be at the airport by 8:30 am.
I was bummed to not have any time on the island Sunday, but it was also nice to get back early. My little brother came back with us, but one of the other partners needed to get picked up in PA, so little bro was stranded with me for a few hours before his flight back to Vermont.
What does a good sister do for her brother in that situation? Well first she takes him to breakfast, and then she puts him to work.
How cute is that?! Little bro loves horses, but doesn't know a whole lot about them. He has a buddy with a couple Percherons that they use for logging. Little bro has them in his company's promotional video, and it's pretty awesome. (Check it out here if you have some time, it's so well done! he wants his own logging horses. But I think he needs to learn a little more first. He came out with me while I was walking Jamp, but I wouldn't let bro walk that one. Jamp is usually a good boy, but sometimes he's a balloon. Safety first friends! I knew Rio would be fine though.
Speaking of Jamp. I think he was annoyed at me for leaving him behind this weekend. I came back to his left leg looking like this:
How? I mean... really? Since he's basically on stall rest anyway, I just iced it, walked him, and wrapped him. It's almost back to normal already.

Little Bro headed back to VT around 1 and then I went to my mom's to get the pups. The rest of Sunday was spent adulting doing laundry and such. Boring.
Monday was more exciting! We arranged for Unicorn 2.0 to arrive on Tuesday for a few days trial. Work was busy, and then I took care of the boys and bought food for the week. (Ok, maybe Monday was only mildly more exciting.)
Tuesday though! Tuesday was exciting! I had work of course. (Not exciting.) But after work things were fun! Do you guys remember months ago when Fama 4 All had their boots on sale, and I may or may not have ordered another pair? Well I totally did, and they arrived yesterday!

The fit on these isn't as perfect as my green ones. They're a hair short, and the ankles are a little big. But they're still really nice, and I'm happy with them. I LOVE the green and black croco details. I got matching spur straps too. Can't wait to get them broken in!
After that excitement, I got to go meet Unicorn 2.0. He's very sweet, and I'm hopeful maybe this one will work out.

He arrived around 3:30, hung out in the stall for a bit, had dinner. I got there around 6:30 and just got right on him. No lunge or anything. Figured I'd see what he had in him. He looked around a bit, but never put a foot wrong. Despite the sky opening up while we were riding. I had forgotten how loud a good downpour is on a metal roof!
After riding, I headed back home to groom and wrap the boys. I had planned on walking them but the rain changed my mind about that.
Today was a typical Wednesday at work (my busiest day of the week, always). But after that, I was off to feed my boys, then ride Eddie, THEN ride Unicorn 2.0. Busy day. You can see why I'm first drafting this post at 11 pm.

Eddie's mom had plans, so we just flatted tonight. I don't want to jump a horse that's not mine without witnesses. Eddie probably appreciates that. It was actually nice to just focus on flat work with him. As we all know, it's the flat work that makes the jumping go well. I've jumped Eddie every time I've ridden him. He takes a LOT of leg, so I usually rush through our flatting a bit just to save energy for the jumping. So today, I really enjoyed taking the time to really find the flat work buttons. I still need to be stronger at the canter, but we had some lovely trot work.
I just flatted Unicorn 2.0 tonight too. I think the trainer jumped him around this morning, but I didn't get to speak with her so I'm not positive. I liked him even more tonight. He was quieter and more relaxed. And when I went to put his bridle on he snuggled his face in my arms and I totally melted. I told him he should do that to my dad and he'll get bought immediately.
I had told myself I'd walk the boys when I got home tonight. But it was 9:30 and I was exhausted so they missed out again. I have much guilt. But they both go out every morning in their respective medical sized paddocks. So it's not as bad as I feel like it is.
I'm riding Unicorn 2.0 in a lesson tomorrow after work, but I will definitely walk the boys afterwards. It's not as late when I just ride the one horse. Friday I'm jumping Eddie after work. I'm so excited to be back riding, but I really need to figure out how to make time for my old boys too. If only I could work part time but get paid for full time! Hahaha! My dad always said it's nice to have dreams...
We have to make a decision about Unicorn 2.0 tomorrow pretty much. If we want to go forward, my vet is available Friday for a PPE. If not, we have to get him back to his people on Friday because someone wants to try him on Saturday. So far, from the flat work, I REALLY like him. My step mom is having her lesson on him tomorrow. She's the biggest deciding factor. If she's not comfortable on him, we'll pass. But if she does like him, it will depend on how my jumping lesson goes. Wish us luck! I would love for this to work out.
We might be taking Eddie to a show on Sunday. Our plan with him is to jump Friday and probably just flat Saturday. And then maybe the show Sunday. Hopefully I'll actually get some media for next week!
And that's what's up this Wednesday. Like I mentioned yesterday, it's a bit hectic, but super fun! What's up with you guys? Getting a lot of saddle time in? Do any showing or lessons? Tell me about your week in the comments!


  1. what breed is unicorn 2? I like the between the ears shot.Good luck!! And wow you never ever just lay around do you? LOL (I know you do but flying to Nantucket doesnt pop up on my weekend list ever :) HA HA HA love the new boots. HOW many do u have now?? :)

    1. Yeah... flying to Nantucket was never a normal thing in my life until my dad decided that's something we should do. I'm so lucky to have him for a dad!
      Um... 14? I'm not even sure. It's out of hand.
      He's an Oldenburg!

  2. I am scared to death of tiny planes like that!

    1. I can't say I love them... But the convenience is pretty great. It's funny though, I have a lot of faith in our pilot (was on a really terrifying flight once, and he was cool as a cucumber and got us home safe) so when I found out we were taking a charter, I was a little "who are these guys?!" But all went just fine.

  3. A chestnut with an awesome forelock, I’m in!! Does he have chrome too?!

    1. Ha! When I met him, I actually thought he looks a bit like Nikko!
      Just a little star, that's it!

  4. Tiny planes scare me so I wouldn't be able to do anything like that but Nantucket looks fun otherwise! Good luck with Unicorn 2.0!

    1. I don't love them, but I can handle it. At least for short trips. I was a little extra nervous when we had pilots I didn't know. I trust OURS!
      Thanks! So far so good with him!

  5. That's a lot of stuff you have going on. Unicorn 2.0's ears are cute. Hope it works out.

    1. Also, can your brother come teach me how to make maple syrup? I have 1 bucket and a tap. I am totally ready.

    2. He probably would! Are you near him? He's in Worcester.