Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day! It's a semi nice fall day here. Highs are in the upper 70's but rain is almost here... I'll take the rain if it stays warm though! I have both a riding outfit AND a work outfit to share today, but they're both horsey, so I'm gonna do work first.

See?! Horsey! And the colors are very fall. Can you believe I had pants that matched the weird tan color in this top exactly? You can? I mean, I was surprised...

Top: Haley and the Hound
I grabbed this in the warehouse sale (which is still going on) for $12! The sleeve length is a little weird, but I like the rest of it. If you want one, click here to get your own.

Belt: Mane Jane
New belt strap, old buckle... This new strap is an awesome rose gold snakeskin on the other side, and it has a matching rose gold buckle too! But that didn't match with today's outfit, so you'll have to wait for that.

Pants: Vigold jeans
They look normal tan in this photo, but they're really the weirdest mustard color. I don't really know why I have them, being such a weird color, but now that I have this top I'm glad I do!

Shoes: Sperry
I should have gotten a side photo of these. They have gold soles that match the laces... And also my outfit. Is it possible to be addicted to boat shoes? I may need to find a meeting about this.

Arm Party!!!
Lefty is wearing a pretty rhinestone bit bracelet from Poshmark and my trusty apple watch.

I did a little bracelet making the other day and these are two of them! I LOVE the new horse shoe sliders I found, and the dainty little ponies! Also mildly obsessed with the stitched leather.

So that's what I'm wearing at work today, but here's what I rode in yesterday:

Yep, green again. I can't help it. I like green. Plus I'm riding chestnuts these days, and how great is green on a redhead?! Answer: It's amazeballs.

Helmet: Charles Owen
Sorry it's so blurry. It was actually a lot darker out than it looks. Anyway, you all know greenie. Still love this one! It's gonna be a sad day when we reach that five year mark.

Top: Kastel Denmark
I really love these shirts. I should have more of them. This is the wool version.

Belt: Rebecca Ray
I had this belt in a fabulous metallic teal color, and I love the quality. So when I found this hunter green one on sale at Shop Hunt Club it immediately found its way to my house. I'm not even sure how it happens. One minute it's on the interwebs, next thing I know, it's in my mailbox. So weird.

Breeches: Ariat
It's an odd angle, but I wanted you to know that these breeches have butt pockets! I love butt pockets. Good place for a hoofpick to hang out.

Boots: Regals
I know, you're all tired of them. But I can't be breaking in boots right now! Some of them are close, so hopefully soon I can get those finished up and you can see fun boots again. At least you saw some yesterday though!

That's it for today! Have any favorites? Get any fun riding clothes lately?


  1. I have those Sperrys too and <3 them :D

  2. Love the green. I have red hair and am always drawn to green much so that my friends buy me green stuff. lol

    I just got an email from C4 about their Halloween patterns and I hope it is funny (and not creepy blog reader) that I immediately thought of you when I saw the patterns - especially the candy corn one? :-)

    1. Haha! I saw that candy corn one, and have a feeling it will wind up at my house soon.
      Not creepy at all! I do that to bloggers a lot... or maybe I'm creepy too? Haha!

    2. I very much look forward to (in a hopefully non creepy way) your candy corn outfit with that belt! ;-)

    3. Haha! I haven't ordered it yet. But clearly, I need to!

  3. What an awesome fall outfit, love it so much! Also totally love the green, and that green belt! I have the same green Kastel top too. Although, I don't love the merino wool tops. I feel like they are kinda itchy, but maybe it's just me?

    1. Thanks! I haven't found mine to be itchy, but I do wear a cami under it, so that may help.