Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Truthful Tuesday: The one where I've been shopping again

I have a couple confessions today. One is super fun, but one is driving me nuts! I'll start there. I ordered a bag of Goody hair elastics from Amazon awhile ago. They came in the next day, as things do from there. But you guys. I can't find them. I put them away so well, I can't for the life of me locate them. So then I had to go get more. Where could they possibly be?! Please send suggestions.

Ok on to the fun stuff...
So as you all probably know, I've had to do some shopping for Eros. The boarding barn prefers horses all have the same blankets to keep things easy for the staff. Eros wears the same size as my other horses, so I am out of clothes in that size anyway, and thus wasn't that offended at needing to get clothes for him. (Plus, my dad is covering ALL of Eros expenses since he's a "family horse". I honestly don't know how this is all happening, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the ride.) Also, I don't really want to send all of my favorite stuff over there to get lost and "borrowed" so we're mostly getting Eros his own stuff. It's been super weird to buy things in blue though. SUPER. WEIRD.

But this post isn't really about what I've bought for Eros. (Mostly because I'm still waiting for much of it to arrive.) This post is about stuff that's green. Because this is me after all. While thinking about blankets for Eros, I remembered that Jamp's and Rio's turnouts have mostly lost their waterproof-ness and maybe it was time to think about replacing them. Those sheets and blankets are as old as the barn, so that's about 10 years at this point. Not a bad run. And then while I was perusing the Chick's discount saddlery site, I stumbled across some waterproof sheets on sale for $49. And they're green and tan! Obviously, those went right in the cart.

They arrived just in time since the temps went from 80's to 50's this weekend. Ugh. They fit pretty well, though maybe I could have sized down. The boys have both lost so much muscle, things are a little long on the sides these days. I guess at that price, I could always get the smaller ones too and see.

As previously discussed, I'm not fitting very well in my large collection of hunt coats. And now that I have Eddie to show, and hopefully Eros soon too, having only one jacket probably isn't ideal. Now that it's freezing out, the super awesome Motionlite coats aren't so awesome. So I hit up Ebay and grabbed a couple RJ jackets for $35. They're the old fashioned dry clean only ones, but sorry, I still love them. Especially for winter time. I didn't grab photos, but they're pretty much the same as coats I already have, just a size up. Anyway, whilst looking for those, I found something I probably don't REALLY need, but decided I absolutely HAD TO HAVE IT. A green shadbelly. I have two black ones. One that likely won't fit now since it's from high school, and one that probably will since it was a little roomy before. But a green one?! I didn't have that. This one was brand new, though a bit wrinkled, and came with a new stock tie and pin. The coat itself retailed for over $300 initially. I paid $120. I figure one of these horses will absolutely do a Derby at some point. And green will be so gorgeous on a chestnut... Anway, enough justifying, here's the photo:

OH! And the points? They're hunter, tan, and brown. Pretty much exactly my colors. I'm stupid excited about this. Can't wait to wear it!
And then I found a shirt I had to have to go with it. Also on sale for about 50% off the retail. Good enough for me! It's from RJ also.

The front is nice and plain with a magnetic wrap collar, but I love the (HUNTER GREEN!) details on the back and sleeves. It's not as comfy and lightweight as the Essex Classics that I normally wear. But it will be nice for winter and spring.

That's about all I'm admitting to today... I can't confirm nor deny whether or not I bought other crap. But you probably all know the answer.


  1. But there were no boots or helmets purchased here, so I think you are okay!

  2. Fun purchases! As a fellow hunter green lover, I approve. I've been buying lime green stuff for my show horse so it is easily identifiable at shows. Not blankets and boots though, sticking to hunter green where I can.

    I hope there is a C4 belt order in there somewhere! lol I would love to see a candy corn outfit for Hallowe'en! :-D

    1. I did finally bite that bullet... There may or may not be a matching fly bonnet on the way too...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I cannot wait to wear it! Ed and I have some serious work to do so I can wear it asap!

  4. Green jackets on chesnuts are everything! Great buys :D