Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day!!! I was super lame and didn't remember to take photos of my actual outfit today. It was a busy day getting ready to come up to VT. My bad! But I DO have a riding outfit to share from this weekend. Better than nothing, right? Yes. Yes it is.

This very awkward angle makes me look super long legged... And short waisted. These breeches have a higher rise, but not as high as this angles suggests. I swear.

Top: Tommy Hilfiger
I've had this navy long sleeve t-shirt for awhile. It was pretty chilly in the morning when I got dressed so i thought it would be perfect. I was wrong. I was so hot! SO HOT! But that's not the shirt's fault. I like that the gold stripes on here are actually metallic. Look SHINY!

Breeches: Horze Crescendo Celine
I wasn't sure about these when I first ordered them. They looked super high-rise. But I liked the color and all the fun details so I took the leap. I'm glad I did! I probably could have ordered a 28 which is my regular size instead of the 30 I went with, but otherwise I really love these. They're very comfortable and don't do the saggy crotch thing like some breeches.

Belt: Dior
I found this one on ebay. It's the real deal, but pretty vintage. I think it's perfect for breeches. I like the distressed feel to the leather and obviously the stirrup is super cute.

Boots: Horka
Spur Straps: Ovation

It's been a minute since I've bragged about my love for these boots. LOVE! They're breaking in pretty quickly considering I don't remember to ride in them all that often. They are very soft, and I really love how tall the Spanish top is on the outsides. No falling and getting too short for these guys! I thought these spur straps from Ovation were super cute with the distressed boots too.

I thought the outfit looked pretty cute with all the boys too:

So that's what I wore today last weekend. What are you wearing today?


  1. Love the brown boots and I like your shirt!

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    1. Thanks! I'll definitely check out your blogs!

  3. Beautiful blog! Amazing pics!
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    1. Thanks! I'll definitely check out your blog!