Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day!!! I'll admit, outfit day is a bit weak today. Someone did NOT do their homework... But let's look anyway, shall we?

Riding outfit first!
Since it's we're one day away from an official heat wave, I opted for a tank top last night. We've discussed my views on riding in tank tops already, and I will reiterate that riding in my backyard where no one sees me is the only reason I find it acceptable. That and well.. party shirt!

Tank: Rue 21
I love everything about this ridiculous shirt. The palm trees, the colors... EVERYTHING. Plus it's from Rue 21 so it was cheap.

Breeches: I forget what brand these are!
These are some oldies I had gotten at a tent sale a few years back. I meant to take a mental note of the brand last night. But I didn't. Or if I did, I can't remember. They're the old fabric, made up mostly of cotton. Very comfy, not so stylish anymore. Don't care though! Comfy for the win!

Belt: World's worst knock-off Gucci
It's really bad. Like REALLY bad. But I had a shortage of white belts in the closet, so it fits that bill.

Ok, on to my work outfit!
So actually I had planned to wear a super cute short sleeved dress with ponies on it. But when I put it on this morning, I realized it was a little too short to be work appropriate. I think it was about as long as this skirt, but it was flowey... it just wasn't going to work for a business setting. Not that this is much better I guess. But I was running out of time!

Top: Rue 21
Pretty much anytime I find a pony shirt at a non-pony venue I will buy it. Nearly every time. Even this one that might actually be the worst color for my skin tone. But as above... DON'T CARE! 'Cause PONIES!

Skirt: Golden Tote
Ok... I know Golden Tote isn't the brand on this skirt. But that IS where I got it, and I can't remember who actually makes it. Close enough anyway. I like this skirt, it's stretchy and comfy.

Shoes: Diba
I think you've seen these already? No? Maybe? They're from Zulilly and I love them. They remind me of my youth when everyone wore Hurachi shoes, but I like the gold upgrade to these. They're the softest leather too!

Arm party!
Lefty kept it simple. I wore my adorable pony bangle in keeping with my horsey theme accompanied by my apple watch.

Righty wanted to keep with the horse theme without also wearing horses. So I went with bits! First up is a cuff bracelet that I think came from Sloan Ranger... but it might have been Fornash. The middle one is definitely from Fornash, and the last was from Baublebar awhile back.

And that's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? Is it getting summery in your neck of the woods? Opinions on buying pony shirts everywhere?


  1. love both the riding and casual outfits!!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. On fleek as usual! You have to get the matching gloves for that rad tank top from noble outfitters... (the last ones are palm trees!)