Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursdays Threads

Outfit Day! We're still in the thick of our heat wave (which I'm loving by the way) but I was feeling particularly unmotivated when trying to dress myself today. So I went for casual and comfy.
T-shirt and jeans for the win! And obviously some super cute shoes.

Top: Rue21
I buy my dogs their food at our local outlet mall, so when I stopped for that on Saturday I took a little detour to Rue21. I had to have this cute t-shirt, I love the colors! It may only last a few wearings, but for the super low price tag, I don't mind.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I think you've all seen these before. I found them in Florida over the winter at Marshalls on the clearance rack. I have no idea why they were there. They're perfect, and I love them. And especially since they were under $20.

Shoes: RedHawk
As a teen in the 90's I spent my summers in white hurachi shoes. They've since made a come back and I was pretty eager to hop on that band wagon. And when I found them in mint?! I hit add to cart and checkout now so fast my credit card didn't know what hit it!

Arm Party!
Lefty is sporting that bracelet I "made" a few weekends ago. Maybe that's why I loved the t-shirt so much? Because it went perfectly with my new bracelet? Probably. I'm pretty shallow like that.

Righty is wearing a Stella and Dot wrap bracelet along with an H bracelet. The colors didn't come out quite right on these photos though. They actually are more turquoise than blue and go very well with my top.

I have a riding outfit to share today too!
I'm totally digging button downs and breeches lately. I love this look. Though the long sleeves in this weather can be a bit much...

Top: US Polo Association
I ordered a couple of these button downs by US Polo Association from Zulily recently. They are very lightweight and perfect for summer. They'll be nice layered in the fall too.

Who am I kidding? I totally didn't ride in that last night, it was hot outside:
To be fair, that sensor was in the sun. I think it was really about 92. Not so bad. But not long sleeve weather. I actually wore this scandalously low cut tank top instead. Don't tell anyone. (This is why riding in my back yard is awesome. I can wear inappropriate tank tops and not get judged by anyone other than myself.)
Tank: Old Navy
I wish I could live my life at this angle. I look so slim! (#delusions) I have a bunch of these Old Navy tanks. They used to be cut a little higher which I liked for riding. But what can ya do? I don't make the tops.

Belt: Designer inspired
You'll recognize this one, I know it was on here recently. It's the world's worst Gucci knock off. But I like the white and gold so it gets a lot of wear.

Breeches: SmartPak
I found these denim breeches during one of Smartpak's sales. They're very comfy most of the time. Yesterday though, they were doing the saggy crotch thing that I hate! Hopefully it was just because I was so hot and sweaty. I don't want to hate these pants.

Boots: HKM
I love the look of these SO MUCH! But sadly while riding in them last night, I've decided I don't really like riding in them. Now that they're broken in, they're too big. I don't have a good feel of my horse because I'm slipping around in there. I think I could probably wear them with jeans though, no? They're just so pretty!

Well, that's what I'm wearing today. What do you have on? Have a favorite from above?


  1. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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  2. Rue 21 is NOT near the pet food store :)

    1. Hahaha! Well... It USED to be. And it IS in the same shopping center. So it wasn't like a separate drive or anything ;)