Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

I can't believe another week has come and gone already. Please slow down summer, I'm trying to make the most of you! So when I left you all last week, I was getting ready to head up to Vermont to visit my baby Badger.
I arrived early afternoon on Thursday since I had a ton of things to get done at home before I could drive north. I also made a quick stop at my favorite highway rest area:

My trainer was done showing for the day when I arrived and Badger had already been worked so we watched a few jumpers and then disbanded for the evening. I was staying with my friend from Saratoga. She and her husband also have a house near Vermont Summer Festival. How lucky am I to be her friend?! I was super excited to see this face again too:
Friday morning I rode Badger early and got to hop over a couple cross rails. I couldn't believe how good he was in the busy schooling ring! Horses all over, and one kid on a pony who really took passing left to left to a whole new level. No offense meant to my Jamposaur, but my baby Badger is ten times better behaved than Jampy...  He enjoyed some grooming and some grass later in the day since he was such a good pony.

I promise he was just wet, that's not a saddle mark! No saddle marks on my ponies. Once Badger was all tucked in, I headed up toward hunter land to watch my friend ride in the adult hunters. She has the cutest horse!
Saturday I got to have a real lesson on Badger which was great. A lesson at a horse show is a lot different than a lesson at home, and obviously we were very limited in what we had to work with as far as jumps. But we had a whole line to ourselves, so that was more than enough. I think going to the horse show did so much for him. He was absolutely perfect. He didn't bat an eyelash when another trainer unrolled a blue yoga mat right next to him. He didn't spook at the lady pushing a carriage past the ring. He didn't put a foot wrong the entire time! I'm so proud of him! The best part of the day? I got the photos from him showing with my trainer! His very first horse show! Oh and did I forget to mention that he finished 8th out of FORTY-TWO in one of his schooling hunter rounds?? I'm such a proud mama! We didn't have him braided since we weren't expecting him to be competitive the first time out. But he looked pretty fab anyway. All horse show photos below are by Andrew Rybeck Photography.

And my favorite:
After spending all my money on adorable photos of the cutest baby Badger, it was time to watch my trainer in the Grand Prix. She's seriously #goals you guys. I had a great lesson jumping 2'3" and crossrails, and she had two horses in the Grand Prix.

Artie, the bay horse had a few rails... he's still figuring life out. But Casino, the chestnut horse finished in the ribbons! Woohoo! So fun to watch!
Sunday I decided not to stop at the show before heading home. My assistance wasn't necessary to pack up and it had rained quite a lot the night before. I was a little worried my little car would get stuck in the mud. Not worth it if I wasn't going to ride anyway. Instead I meandered around town a little and stopped at my favorite sandwich shop for an early lunch before beginning the trek home. Good thing I stopped for lunch!

I drove over a large pot hole in Vermont, and when I was about half way through Massachusetts I got the low tire pressure light. I stopped at a gas station to see if I could put air in it to get me home. Unfortunately it wouldn't take air, and this car has no spare! Lame. I called USRiders for help. I have to tell you, they are amazing. If you haul horses you should definitely consider getting USRiders insurance. It's much like AAA, but for horse people. Even though I wasn't hauling horses, they still gave me all the assistance I needed. They called a tow truck for me, and then went ahead and called around looking for an open tire shop! Not only that, they made sure the tire shop had the tire I needed before dispatching the tow truck. They were really awesome. The whole ordeal took about an hour and a half, which really is pretty impressive. I was back on the road before I knew it! Though I did have to turn around and go back to the tire shop because they forgot to put my tow hook back in the car.... It's never easy.
I was excited to get home and see my other kids though. Because of the delay, I opted not to ride. It was already after five, and my motivation was at rock bottom. Instead, I fed all the kids, cleaned up the barn, and jumped in the pool!
First time this year! It was pretty hot out, around 85 still at 9 pm. Perfect weather for an evening dip!
Monday I worked all day and rode all the boys. We had a slight rain delay, but since this was the view after, I didn't get too upset about it:

Tuesday, I only worked a half day and then headed south to Yankee Stadium! It was a GREAT game and they even managed to win! (Not exactly a given this year...)

Obviously I dressed the part for the game:
But most importantly, I ate my way through the stadium:

I made a point to only eat out of helmets. Mmmmm Nachos and Ice Cream!
Today was back to the grind. I had a crazy day at work! (Ugh. So crazy.) And followed that up with rides on Jamp and Romey. Rio once again has some fat back legs so I opted to hand walk him instead. He's back on antibiotics and a higher dose of prednisone. Hopefully he'll kick whatever this is this time. Fingers crossed!

The pugs have mostly been doing this:
Sometimes I feel a little jealous of them. But then I remember they don't have thumbs or a drivers license and then I feel better.
How was your week/weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?


  1. Baby Badger is SO CUTE. Look at his little knees!!

    1. Thank you! I had no idea he knew what to do with those little knees! My trainer said the same thing, she had no idea he jumped so well!

  2. Busy Busy! Badger looks super cute over fences :)

    1. Summer is so short, have to stuff in all the things!
      Thank you! I'm so proud of him!

  3. Man the new one jumps NICE! Can't wait to you get him home.

    1. Thank you! Me TOO!!!! I think he may stay with trainer until she leaves for FL. Then I have to see if I can afford to send him or take him home...

  4. That show looks so pretty with all the green hills in the background.

    1. It's such a gorgeous venue! The first time I went I was completely awestruck by the mountains.