Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday's Threads

I'm baaaaaack!!!! I have to tell you, waking up to an email from blogger stating that my blog had been deleted was NOT a pleasant way to wake up. Not at all. Not even a little. And just to make the morning a little more smooth, I spilled half my coffee on the kitchen counter. But hey, at least I didn't spill it all over myself right? And thankfully, blogger gave my blog back to me, so here I am! With a better-late-than-never outfit post.

Outfit pictures with Pia photobombing are my favorite! I went for casual today. I was going to get super neon on all of you today, but I was grumpy after the horrible email and wasn't feeling the bright happy colors. So I went with blue and gray. Let's look closer!

Sweater: Sonoma
I actually think I may have worn this once before for Thursday's Threads. Not positive. But possibly. Anyway, it's from Kohl's and I found it last year for practically nothing. I love the little pops of color throughout. I decided to match my pants to the blue that's in there.

Pants: Tinseltown
These are great. I think they may be considered jeggings? Not sure. Maybe just cotton pants? Who decides these things? Anyway, they're stretchy, and super comfortable. I LOVE the electric blue color!

Belt: Louis Vuitton
This looks like it's off-white, but it's really gray. It's a great color, and is almost the exact same shade as the sweater.

Boots: Ivanka Trump
I love these boots. They are the softest suede ever and fit perfectly. Last winter was so snowy and wet that I didn't get to wear them, so I was excited to bust them out this year!
**Disclaimer: the brand on this shoe in no way reflects any political affiliations or opinions on behalf of Amateur at Large

Arm Party!
Please excuse that line on my hand, I'm not even sure what I was leaning on before taking arm party photos. I thought this bangle from BaubleBar went so well with this sweater! Not to mention the blue is the exact same color as my pants. So fun!

Righty is 100% handmade by me today. First is a macrame and Czech Crystal bracelet that doesn't photograph very well, and the other is a wrap bracelet made from charcoal gray metallic thread and glass beads.

I'm SO GLAD I was able to bring a Thursday's Threads post to you all today. I really was worried that Amateur at Large had died a sudden death! Yikes!
What are you wearing today?


  1. I wondered what had happened! When I tried to come on here yesterday, it was like, "WARNING THIS BLOG IS DEATH GO BACK!!!" Glad to see you've returned to normal.

    1. Apparently it was very wide spread. I was all kinds of feels when I got that email! Sad, mad, confused.... So glad it's all ok!

  2. Sorry about the blog drama! Glad you are back and running. Thursday threads are my fave. Love to see what you are wearing next. Love the blue pants with the sweater. cute cute!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

    1. Thanks! I love doing Thursday's Threads too. Although I think it entices me to buy more clothes all the time. As if I needed incentive...