Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

**Photos have been added!**

Happy Wednesday! I'm currently sitting on a very turbulent airplane en route to see GTO! We're calling him Pugsley now though. Whatever we call him, I'm super excited to get to ride him. Hopefully I'll have lots to recap next week.
In the meantime, Let's look back at the past week. This weekend was WARM! Like near 60 degrees warm. Kind of crazy for February. My truck was ready for retrieving on Saturday morning, so my mom brought me over to get it at 9. I ran a few errands, but had to head to a baby shower for noon.

I even dressed nice and straightened my hair! Like a real girl!

I was kind of disappointed to be spending the gorgeous day at an indoor party instead of outside with my ponies, but it's important to celebrate our human friends too, right? As a consolation, I did win the raffle prize:
Large duffle AND a wristlet!
I got home a little before 5 and figured I could squeeze in a lunge and ride with Jamp before it got dark out. He was a wild man on the lunge line! Due to that, I didn't ride for very long, but it was SO NICE to get back in the saddle, even for a short time. After that I just groomed Rio and Romey. They love groomies!
My favorite view! Made even better by an incredible sunset.
Neon for visibility right?
I also discovered that during the ice storm last weekend a tree came down and destroyed the paddock fence. Of course it did. Thankfully we aren't using that paddock during the winter. I figured it was incentive to finally order the fancy fencing I've been wanting. So I called for a quote on Monday, and it's been discontinued. Sigh. Back to the research I go. This is why one shouldn't procrastinate!
Sunday was a little cooler than Saturday, but still gorgeous. It was around 55 degrees in the afternoon. I spent the morning running errands and the rest of the day with the ponies. I had a great ride on Jamp! I think he's happy to get out and do something.

Rio lunged with a bridle on! He hasn't worn one in TWO YEARS! I was curious to see how he'd feel about it, and honestly I think he was really excited to see tack. He practically put the bridle on himself! He wasn't the soundest I've ever seen him, but he's due for shoes. That troublesome foot he has really shouldn't get long and it has. So hopefull once he's shod this week he will be more sound. He was ridiculously happy to be out working though. Makes my heart melt. I swear I've never loved anyone or anything as much as that horse. He's my soul mate.

The last one out was Romey. I thought it would be a great day to teach him how to lunge. Only problem is, I have no idea how to teach a horse to lunge. None at all. He's been taught not to walk past his human, which is a great thing! Except when trying to lunge. I could tell he was trying to figure out what he should do though. So I give him props for that. He's a good boy. I can't wait to really get him in work.

He's shedding in a very disorganized manner

Mom, I have NO idea what we're doing here.

I'll just take that noise maker. Thanks.
After a long day of playing with ponies, I was starving and tired. We have a newish pizza place that actually delivers so I figured it was the perfect day to try them out. Especially since I wanted to pack that night. I had a mashed potato pizza. Why yes, please smother my carbs with other carbs and then add bacon! It was delicious.

Since New England is crazy, it snowed on Tuesday. Yes, you read that correctly. Near 60 on Saturday, snow on Tuesday. Today it poured rain though, so the snow should be gone. I'm hoping when I get home spring will have arrived for good and all these free loaders in the barn can get back in a program!

I dropped the pugs off at granda's this morning. I hate leaving them! But they are in good hands and will have tons of fun with their pug aunty Prada.

I've been a good little lazy runner this week too! I haven't logged a ton of miles, but have been somewhat consistent with getting on the treadmill for at least two running miles each time. Baby steps friends!

In other news, if you read Truthful Tuesaday yesterday, I bought the black boots. I have no self control.

That's what's up this Wednesday! Tell me what's up with you in the comments!


  1. Forget self control!! Buy all the pretty things!!

    1. That does seem to be my motto! I need to stay away from the computer so I don't know what pretty things out there!