Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Truthful Tuesday... and an important question for all of you!

Today's confession: I'm utterly behind on posts! It's practically mid way through February and I haven't shown you all my Nicole's Creations from January, nor my Heart to Horse box... NOR the Pugs' Barkbox which I actually planned to share. I blame this all on my photo issues, but really I'm just super behind. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon!

This leads me to my important question for all of you. I attempted to add a poll to make this interactive, easy, and fun. But I am barely computer literate and was unsuccessful. We can still make this work! Please leave your preferences in the comments section instead of clicking a box which would have been way better... Suggestions welcome too, so please feel free to be specific when answering (or not, I just want to hear from  you). Obviously, you can choose as many answers as you'd like.

What do you want to see on the blog:
a. Product reviews/comparisons
b. Subscription reviews
c. More horse stuff!
d. More running stuff!
e. More shopping hauls (think Moxie, Golden Tote, or just a mall excursion perhaps)
f. Amateur at Large is perfect.
g. Other

I can't wait for some feedback! Talk to me in the comments!