Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been a relatively uneventful week here in Connecticut. The weather has been oddly mild, evening hitting the 60 degree mark the other day!

The warmer temps have left me feeling much more motivated. I hope they stick around! Are you sitting down? No? Ok, I'll wait... Ready? I actually have run on the treadmill TWICE in the past week! Not for very far. But I'm happy to be getting back at it!

My favorite part about the spring like weather is getting to do more with the horses. My weekend helper needed Saturday off this week, so I took advantage of the extra time with the ponies and tried to play with the camera some more. Hopefully I'll get that thing all figured out soon!

And I finally found Jamp's missing shoe. Too little too late I guess though.

Saturday evening was the Connecticut Hunter Jumper Association's awards banquet.

Jampy and I won the Adult Equitation Division and the High Point Adult award. Yay Jampy! I of course was excited to collect our loot, but I was also really excited to wear my horse dress I bought a few months ago. Here's a close-up:

And here it is with all the prizes:
I've won the trophy I'm holding three times now, and that platter that Holly is holding is on it's second year with me. And I'm ashamed to admit that I have not yet had either of them engraved. This is the year though, since I'm not planning to campaign for this award in the coming year. Plans change though right?! We shall see how the year goes. Either way, they WILL be engraved this year!

Sunday was supposed to be another spring-like day, and I planned to take FULL advantage of it. Once the horses were in from morning turnout, I tried to drag the ring so I could RIDE!

Unfortunately, the ring was still frozen on the one long side, but with two horses who haven't been worked in weeks, I didn't really need that much space anyway. The thawed out section was pretty muddy though, so I couldn't lunge. Yikes. Thankfully I had a friend stop by to visit so I had a witness in case the kids tried to kill me! Jampy did a little walk trot but Romey just went for a nice walk. Oddly, the ring was getting more muddy instead of less. I'm not exactly sure how or why that would happen. But it did. So we took it easy. It was just nice to get on!

Since they really haven't worked, I didn't ride Monday evening in the dark. Jamp and Romey are both a little wild, and I'm not sure I want to open that can of worms in the dark!
The short kids had a nice week too. We haven't gone for a walk yet, but we've had lots of cuddles! They're the cutest.

Well, that's what's been up this Wednesday! What's up with all of you?!