Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A little catching up...

I haven't blogged much about what I've been up to lately, other than shopping and being a glutton... So I was thinking it was time to catch up a little!

My hair's been a disaster zone for awhile, so I finally scheduled an appointment with my amazing hair dresser about a week and a half ago. She does a fantastic job! No folks, that is not my real hair color. But it looks so healthy!

I've been back on the running wagon lately. Last weekend I even got to long run OUTSIDE! Not this weekend sadly since the snow and ice are back, but it sure was nice while it lasted.

Since it was freakishly nice out last weekend I also dragged the pugs out for a little stroll. They were so excited to get out of the house!

I was super lucky last week that my dad had some theater tickets he couldn't use for "War Horse", so he gave them to me. Katie joined me. It's an amazing show. If it's running in a city near you, it's definitely worth seeing. Especially if you're a horse lover!

This week I managed to escape one of the three snow storms at home by having a meeting at my Florida office. What good timing! I got in a little late on Tuesday as my flight was delayed from CT. But I had enough time to enjoy a little time outside in the nice weather!

I realized that I couldn't have a professional meeting with my nail polish half chipped off, so I spent the evening fixing my nails.

That's Revlon Perfumerie "wintermint". They actually smelled minty for awhile even with a topcoat! The accent nail is a Sally Hansen Nail Strip.

I got up early-ish this morning to get a run in before work. I thought I had a fast run... but not really I guess. Still counts though! It's always tough readjusting to the humidity in FL.

I got to the office a few hours before my meeting to get some work done. Here's my workspace there:

I guess that's about everything I've been up to lately. I shall leave you with an adorable photo of Artie:

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