Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Springtime Mani!

As promised, I finally got unlazy last night and did my nails. Though I'd like to first warn you all... My nails have suffered tremendously lately. I have a small wound on one finger, my cuticles are peeling off, and the nails are nothing but nubs... But alas, this is why I'm an amateur! Without further ado, here it is:
I think it's pretty cute! Keep in mind, I don't own any nail art tools. I do this just with whatever brush comes with my polish so my lines are not straight and the dots are uneven but I kind of like them that way. More abstract :)
I used Sinful Colors Cotton Candy for my base. I wasn't super happy with it, took three coats and some spots still seemed bare. Fortunately I covered those areas up with my diagonal stripe of Pure Ice Kiss Me Here. The purple dots are Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth and the mint are China Glaze Aquadelic.
Oh and here's my thumb:
 And in case you think I'm THAT big of an amateur, here is my right hand too:

Thoughts? Opinions? General discussion?

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