Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Truthful Tuesday: The one with all the boots

I've been asked a few times how many helmets and pairs of boots I have. I put off answering the question, because I wasn't actually sure. And didn't really want to know because it's clearly indulgent and I'm gonna get judged HARD for this... But I just finally got the cabinet I've been hunting for to keep them in and so now I know... (More on my new cabinet tomorrow!) And now you'll know. And you're all gonna judge away when you find out. But it's cool. I can take it.

The answer is:
18 pairs of tall boots (oops.)
8 pairs of paddock boots and half chaps (again.... oops)
10 helmets

I shall break it down for you, but not with photos because I wasn't that prepared.
Tall Boots:
-Regals: 3 pair (One in regular use, one new pair lives in the trailer for emergencies, and one pair is in Florida. All others are singles!)
-Parlanti (show boots) (off the rack)
-Ariat with snakeskin trim (Closeout off the rack)
-Ariat Bromonts (winter boots) (off the rack)
-Caldene (black with crocodile trim) (off the rack)
-La Mundial black with navy patent trim (orphan boots, 1/2 price)
-La Mundial olive green with gold trim (custom)
-QHP Gray with black trim (you guys haven't seen these yet!) (off the rack)
-Pioneer Navy patent  (semi custom)
-Pioneer black with gold glitter (semi custom)
-Fama-4-All hunter green with tan croc trim (faves!) (custom)
-Mountain Horse Sovereign (brown with green canvas) (off the rack... pretty snug.)
-Tuffrider Baker (off the rack)
-Horka Distressed Brown (LOVE!) (Off the rack)
-Horka brown patent croc (you haven't seen these yet either, and I don't currently have them. My dad took them to NY to get a smooth leather patch attached and hasn't brought them back yet!) (off the rack)
-Stivali Romitelli lilac and purple (second faves!) (custom... I measured too short though. Lesson learned)

shown are the black with gold glitter Pioneer boots, the distressed brown horka boots, the purple Romitelli boots, and the hunter green Fama-4-All boots
Paddock boots and half chaps:
(I'm really sure on all brands here, will just mention what I am sure of)
-Brown paddock boots (Dublin) with brown suede half chaps (ariat)
-Black paddock boots with rhinestone toe cap (Horka) and black half chaps with rhinestone swagger tab (La Mundial)
-Black paddock boots with croc trim and matching half chaps (Millbrook Leathers)
-Two tone brown paddock boots and brown half chaps with purple accent and western tooling
-Black patent paddock boots with pink piping and matching half chaps
-Black and pink fabric paddock boots with black and pink leather half chaps (western tooling)
-Plain black paddock boots (Dublin) with black and teal western tooled half chaps
-Navy blue leather paddock boots with matching half chaps (Both are Cavallo)

-Samshield (2, 1 in CT and 1 in FL for showing only)
-Charles Owen GR8: Plain black, spare show helmet
-Charles Owen GR8: Lilac and powder pink
-Charles Owen AYR8: black with pink
-Charles Owen AYR8: Hunter, Brown, and Gold
-Charles Owen JR8: Navy with glitter
-One K Defender Snakeskind: Black
-One K Defender Snakeskind: Navy
-One K Defender Snakeskind: Brown

 Up until the last few years, I was a normal person. I had one pair of show boots and one set of paddock boots and half chaps. I had one helmet for shows and one for everyday. I wore them until they died. But then I stopped showing, and I guess I hate money because I just started buying all these boots and helmets. Clearly it's gotten out of control. I have one more boot/hat set I want to get (and which will already be paid for thanks to Used Horse Stuff!WOOHOO!) but after that, I think I have the whole rainbow covered. And with so many, I can't imagine any will wear out. Except the Regals of course. So hopefully I'm about done collecting boots and helmets?
Yes, this will be happening.
Do you think less of me now that you know the truth? Or do you think boot/helmet wardrobe is goals? I'm not sure where I stand really.... I'm judging myself pretty hard right about now.



    I'm jealous.

    1. I've reached step 1: admitting I have a problem. I see not chance of reaching step 2 however.

  2. You’re my hero! Also, I’m dying to see your grey boots (but then you need a grey helmet)

    1. The gray ones have a black foot, so I can wear the black helmet. Thank goodness!

  3. Pink. Sparkles.

    I'm not sure why you need anything else in your arsenal if you have that helmet and pair of boots. Perfect for showing and schooling!

    1. Hahahaha! Who wants to pay me to wear that in an equitation class?! HAHAHAHA!

  4. I saw the number 18 and audibly giggled out loud.
    You are so many goals.

  5. Haha anyone who judges you for this is just jealous 😂 no judgement here, just more jealousy, and also sadness that we are not the same size so I can't steal any of this 😍 I also can't wait to hear about your cabinet, because tack room organization makes my little tack ho heart so happy 😁

    1. I knew you'd understand!
      The cabinet was a STEAL! Wait till you hear all about it!

  6. I’m a set of 3’s kind of gal — is love to have 3 of everything (helmets, boots, bridles.....)

  7. I'm envisioning a paper doll print out with all your outfits!! No hate, just envy!

  8. I think that is an awesome collection!! and I want to hear about the cabinet too!

  9. So many boots. No judgement; I just wish I could have more myself.

    1. They're so fun to have! Except for the part where you have to break them all in. That part is not fun.

  10. So so so jealous! I just wish I had the $$ and was a normal off the rack size.

    1. I'm really not an off the rack size, I was surprised to find so many I could fit into. I have tiny feet and extra wide calves. It's nice that a lot of brands have full elastic panels these days!

  11. That is a pretty epic collection! No judgement here, only a tinge of jealousy as I can't get my fat calves into tall boots!!!

    1. I didn't think I could either! But they've come a long way in the size offerings. Plus the added elastic panels that a lot of them has gives some leeway.