Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

You guys! We had spring here! It was literally only about 6 hours, but it was so amazing. It ALMOST hit 70. Currently it's 38 and windy. But at least the sun is out? I realize we're likely going to skip spring and jump right into summer. I'm totally ok with that, but could it happen now please? I'm so tired of winter coats and wild horses.

Despite the miserable cold weather, I did get to ride every day last week. Though one night I got on just in time for it to start raining. We had a solid maybe 15-20 minutes of trot work before it really started pouring and I called it a day.
I figured Jampy had been under saddle enough lately to hop over some itty bitty jumps on our one beautiful spring day.
I set them about 2' or smaller, nothing he was likely to hurt himself doing. We definitely did not jump the combination!

I mean, technically we jumped a triple bar... A triple bar cavalletti!
 I figured the warm weather would keep his antics to a minimum. He let me use the whole ring warming up which is kind of rare for him this time of year. (He's really much more pleasant when it's warm out.)

We trotted a the x a few times and then the little purple jump. Then I tried to canter to the crossrail from the short turn...
You know, AWAY from the scary end. He lost his horsing abilities completely. I am however, impressed with his rapid changes of direction without actually moving forward. He did put his brain back in and let me jump a few more jumps without further ridiculousness.

Post ride, he had his first scrubby tubby of the year! I was a lot more excited than he was about that I think. But he very much enjoyed some hand grazing afterward.

Rio's on vacation, but he still got to have a tubby and enjoy some grass. Pickings are slim out there. We really need some sunshine to go with all our rain to get this grass to grow!
I left the boys in their Back on Track sheets for the rest of the day, as it was already starting to cool off. It was one of those days where you had to stay up extra late to re-blanket them. I'm not sure how it can go from 68 degrees to 25 in the matter of a few hours, but welcome to New England I guess.
I made sure to get the pups out for a walk before the arctic blast hit too. They were a little silly.

In an effort to be semi responsible, yet still enjoy the last bit of spring weather, I finally picked up all the dog poop outside that had been accumulating all winter. It's not a glorious job, but someone's gotta do it! I will admit that I was embarrassingly sore the next day from all the squatting and forward folding. Someone needs to work out more.
And that my friends was the story of our one spring day in Connecticut. It was lovely, and productive, and I miss it so very much.
Sunday loomed cold, dark, and dreary. I didn't plan to ride because it was supposed to rain heavily. And it was cold. And I was on strike. It never did end up raining, though it felt like it was going to. I probably should have ridden. Monday it rained ALL day. Not like a light drizzle either. It just dumped water out of the sky for a solid 8 hours. Needless to say, I did not ride Monday either. I did get on last night after work, and Jamp was a total poop face. I don't really blame him. It was 41 degrees with a feels like of 37. The wind was BLOWING. But the leaping up and down and acting like a four year old is really starting to annoy me. I think it's time to switch from my nice little rounded spurs to the long-ass pokers.
Our forecast doesn't show any numbers warmer than 55 for the foreseeable future. Today it's actually sunny which is lovely. If it gets to 55 AND the sun is out, it might kind of feel like spring? Will report back on that.
How's the weather where you are? Have you gotten some spring like feels yet? Were you one of the tortured souls who got MORE EFFING SNOW this weekend? If you are, I'm so, so sorry. I wish there was someone we could call about this weather.


  1. Thank God I was not one of the tortured souls who got snow, but our weather has been fairly *meh* for a few days now. Yesterday was by far the nicest (60 and sunny) but of course I had a farrier appointment so no time to ride. Bah.

    Those were some impressive direction changes from Jamp, great job sticking with him!

    1. The weather. Ugh. 38 at lunch time today. And raining. Gross.
      He's got moves for an old guy! Fortunately, he doesn't try to lose me, so it's not all that hard to stay with him.

  2. Shit I need to pick up poop. I think our lawn guys are finally going to come only because i have six foot tall onions out there (Not really but close). And i was so good about picking up poop till about Feb. Then I gave up LOL tho it is easier when they are frozen. It is sunny today so I should go out but it is still cold..UGH.

    I envy you your barn and ring and jumps. I always think that and never tell you so there it is. And I actually thought the first screenshot was you jumping something and you erased the jump. Was that him just Leaping because he was being him? LOLOLOL Never dull is he??
    I hope Spring hits for you at least a bit before jumping in Summer.

    1. Tis the season to pick up poo!
      Ha! It does look he's jumping! Yeah, that's from the clip where he's having the tantrum. Our entire ride last night looked like that. I texted trainer in Florida and was like HALPPPP MEEEEE!

  3. Maryland had a beautiful day on Saturday. And then it was back to cold and wind. Oh, and rain. Ughhh

    1. Ugh is right. WHERE IS SPRING? I think spring has been kidnapped and perhaps needs help?

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  5. haha if I actually lived where it snowed I'd probably let the poo pile up too in the winter! Glad the boys got some long due bath times! I love clean horses

    1. It hard to find in the snow!
      I like clean horses too... they were starting to get stinky!